Sunday, February 11, 2007

Valentines Day Hints For Guys

Okay this is basically for the guys altho I'm sure some of the females may make some comments that will be both helpful and insightful-OR in the line of setting us straight.

I've found women fall under one of three categories.

The first is the HIGH MAINTAINENCE type. If your woman is in this category- I'm sorry but you gonna have to do a LOT of stuff for Valentines Day. You may as well go ahead and take out the loan on the house, get a second job, and sell your blood because the dinner, the limo to TAKE you to dinner, the bling, the flowers, the stuffed animal, the candy AND the card is going to cost you about a thousand - if not more. Depends on how much you've already caved to her as to how much you're gonna have to do to make the day "SPECIAL" above the "normal special" she is used to.
God help you is all I can offer you, guys.

The second category is the one I fall into. The "I'd Rather Have a Thoughtful Gesture" woman.
She would rather have her man do something sweet and thoughtful for her than have money spent on her. Examples of some of those thoughtful things could be, certificates made on the computer for some of the pampering things she loves but you hardly ever have time for....a foot or back massage at the end of a long stressful day. A night off from doing the dishes. A dinner without the kids. Or a Saturday morning sleeping in as long as she wants with no interruptions.
Even little things like reaching for her hand as you're walking in the mall, or filling up her auto so she doesn't have to- or my personal favorite that MY hubby does on a nightly basis in the winter.....He cranks the car for me so I don't have to go out at midnight and have to ride to work in a cold car. It's the little things that matter most to us- not the huge gestures. Of course, a single rose is always a wonderful thing to receive any day- not just on Valentines Day, too. A dozen is just too much- a single one says "I saw this and thought of you". Even tho men think flowers are a waste because they die rather quickly after they're bought, it's better than candy-(I cannot BELIEVE I just wrote that)-it doesn't put weight on her and wreck the diet, but it shows her you care. You can alos write her a love letter- and dont think you have to write all kindsa flowery, mushy stuff for her to like it...if you love Muscle Cars and tell her she's prettier and more rare than a showroom cherry 70 Special Edition Dodge Challenger, she'll understand what you're trying to say. (DO NOT try this approach if you have a high mainatainence woman).Believe me guys- it's the little things that matter the most to the majority of us NORMAL women.

The third category is the "I Don't Give A Rats Ass About Valentines day- It's Nothing But a Load of Crap To Suck The Life From You & Drain Your Checking Account and Sanity".
If you have this woman you can thank your lucky stars and go on with your life at a normal pace because she really MEANS what her category says about her. She doesn't care about the holiday- and if you DO buy her something you will get a lecture and won't get any of something else for being so stupid as to try and give her something she doesn't want and you should have KNOWN her better and if you don't then maybe you shouldn't be together. That's what SHE will say to you- mark my words.

I know it's a bit late to be blogging about this since Wednesday is THE DAY- but better late than never.

Good Luck guys- I hope I've helped a bit.-



Paulius said...

Amendum to the Above:

If this is your first Valentines Day with a significant other...bear in mind that the category your woman SAYS she falls into has absolutely nothing to do with the category she ACTUALLY falls into.

IE plenty of women will say "Oh, Valentines Day is just a waste of time, overly commercialised holiday...Don't bother getting me anything"...but will throw one MAJOR shit-fit if Valentines day rolls around and you actually DON'T buy her anything

Sunny said...

That's NOT his opinion formed by experience with me, BTW.

Just thought I would clear that up.

Saffyre said...

I fall somewhere between middle and bottom - because I am single I find the idea of valentines day all very sweet. When I was in a long term relationship - we agreed not to buy cards or make a fuss on V.Day, and I never threw a shift fit.

To me it really IS just a hallmark holiday. However, if someone went out and bouhgt me something I wouldn't throw a paddy at them for wasting money, i'd still think it sweet.

Sunny is right though - the little gestures mean the most by far.