Sunday, March 14, 2010

Denture Adventure......

Well, I went to the dentist Friday and he planed off a good bit of the flange on my denture. He then advised me to go home, take them out for the rest of the night, and then over the next week to take them out as much as I could in my downtime so my damaged gums could heal a bit- but to still wear them a good while every day, as well. He also advised me to start eating- soft foods- and gave me some suggestions of what to start out with. Makes me wonder just how much weight I've lost that the dentist knew I wasn't eating...or maybe he's just seen enough of it he knew from experience that was what was happening.

When I've had to put the dentures in to go out in public, I've lubed my gums up with a lil bit of Ambesol Gel to kill the raw spots on my gums so I don't cry when there are people around.

I'm still working on the eating thing. Night before last, Paul made a wonderful pork tenderloin that melted in your mouth with mashed potatoes and gravy and a soft roll, and by cutting the meat into tiny, tiny pieces I was able to eat dinner just fine!!! And then yesterday, I actually managed to eat a Three Musketeers bar and a bowl of Italian Wedding Soup. And the chocolate bar- well, let's just say that I got it at 9 PM and I'm still SAVORING it at.....1:45 AM, as I'm writing this. I THINK this is probably the way you should eat chocolate anyway....savoring it instead of wolfing it.

We went to JITB yesterday on the way home from the supermarket where I ordered an order of Fries and an iced coffee. Unfortunately, I was unable to eat any of the fries because I seriously underestimated the power of the pain of my raw gums being rubbed by the dentures.

Everything tastes different, too. Not different enough to think..."OH God- what the hell is THIS?", but different enough where you have to look to make sure it's what you thought you were eating.
Annoying, but do-able.

I just want this newness period to be O-V-E-R. I can't call it a "Honeymoon Phase" in ANY way, shape or form.
And I just want to say again...the worst part of it has to be that I can't talk NEARLY as much as I usually do because of the stupid raw gums. And I can't whistle anymore either.

On the upside- I have pretty straight white teeth that aren't falling out of my mouth, and I don't have an overbite anymore either. And my teeth aren't sensitive to hot or cold foods anymore either!!

So as soon as my gums heal- I can eat pretty much anything I long as I can figure out what that is.

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Sunny said...

UPDATE- Monday morning- no raw spots on my gums now!! I think I might make it thru it now!!!