Saturday, March 20, 2010

Owww- Yay!!!

Denture Adventure continues. ...

I'm slowly graduating back up to firmer foods- but mostly still sticking to softer stuff.

Upside- weighed today and I'm down another 3 pounds...that's 15 pounds total since the dental procedure....... and it's not only weight- I've lost inches as well!!! At least I have ONE bright shiny thing to come from all this pain!!

Hopefully in a couple months, I won't even think about it anymore.

I'm working all weekend- so nothing much is going on with me here at Casa de Malone. Next week I have PLANS tho- BIG Spring Clean!!!!! (and a bit of plumbing work- but my son, Frank is doing that for us, I think!!)

Hey- isn't next weekend Easter??????

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