Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bring It!!!

Fight!!!!!! Fight!!!!!!

Well, here in our household, we have 4 key players and two minor ones. Key Players include Glenn and Joan, (my in-laws) and Paul & Myself. The minor players are Mutt & Jeff...I mean Ding & Dong...I mean Tess & Barney....The Dogs.
Now Paul & I don't have paying jobs yet. Paul just had his surgery and won't be back in commission for a couple more weeks, and he does as much as he feels he can-due to that restriction. Joan and I do the housework together along with the cooking and washing up afterwards.
Now, tonight, Glenn tried to wash up the dishes. I told him I would do them. As he explained, before Paul and I came to stay, he did the dishes after dinner on most nights. I then explained that we all had our parts to play. Until I get a paying job I will do the dishes after dinner- occasionally I'll take a day off - but I don't see why Glenn should go out and work a full time job all week and then come home and have to wash up after the four of us. Joan & Paul & Myself are here all day- and YES- we DO do the housework and such- but WE can do the chores and have time to take breaks whenever we like for a cup of tea, or to watch a show, or just do nothing if we like. Glenn doesn't have that luxury. He leaves at 8AM and gets back most nights around 5:30PM ....sometimes working as late as 7PM. On the weekends if he wants to take a turn at the dishes- fine- I'll gladly let him on ONE of those nights- but as long as I'm in the house and not working NO WAY will he do the dishes on the nights he works to keep us up.
Glenn- I appreciate it. Thank You!!!

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