Monday, May 16, 2011


Okay, I dont know what to do.......This is my problem. I have three blogs. This one- my original SUNNY SAYS, I have my Diet & Fitness Trials & Tribulations Blog, and then I have my Newest one about my British Adventure called OVER THE RAINBOW. Now for the past few months, I've pretty much been posting about the same things, in some(or MOST) cases even Duplicating, the blog posts on Sunny Says and Over The Rainbow, cause they're intertwined now. I have many more readers on this one than the other one, so should I just post on here and do away with the OTR one? Or do I just keep double posting? I'm hoping maybe at some point to be able to do the publishing thing with OTR so I'll have a copy of the entire experience later...something solid- not just on the net, ya know?
I dunno- What do y'all think?

Anyway, on to my post now.......

So I'm sitting here waiting on The Parents to come back in from their weekend visiting Andrew and Marina and Madelyn.
We saw The Parents off on Saturday noon-ish. They haven't seen little Maddie(or "Mad Dog" as my hubby has lovingly nicknamed the child) in around 3 weeks so they decided it was time for a visit before she grows anymore.
Even with Paul's surgery and him not being able to be very active, we still had a REALLY enjoyable weekend. We ate if and when we wanted- which wasn't all that much. And , amazingly, everything I cooked turned out perfectly. Well, the Roasties didn't turn out PERFECTLY, but they were fine.
Sunday dinner I made Roast Chicken, roast potatoes (Roasties), Steamed Broccoli, Yorkshire Puddings, Gravy, and Chocolate Fairy Cakes with Mocha Frosting. The skin on the chicken was seasoned perfectly and crispy golden brown, the Roasties could have been a BIT crisper on the outside, but they were soft and fluffy on the outside and golden on the outside, the Yorkshire puddings rose perfectly and were toasty and golden on the outside and soft and silky on the inside, the broccoli was green and cooked til it was tender with just a hint of firmness left- not so mushy it turned into baby-food paste in your mouth. The Gravy was seasoned to perfection. And the fairy cakes were actually a cross between Brownies and cake. If I had used NO liquid they would have been brownies. If I had used milk for the liquid, they would have been cake- but I added a half cup of strong, cold leftover coffee from the mornings pot and it turned into a firm fudgey cake-like batter. And they tasted wonderful!!

I'm not sure, but I think I'm just trying too hard when my in-laws are here. Lord knows they haven't given me any reason to think this- but I just feel so pressured to be the perfect daughter-in-law that I'm sort of screwing myself over. Because the second Paul and I were on our own, I was fine and back to being ME. The Parents have never given me any reason to feel pressured. I think that I just want to make sure everything runs smoothly while we're all under the same roof. Paul and I don't do things the same way The Parents do, and it IS their house and there's no reason they should have to change their routine anymore than they already have just because we're living with them for a while. I just want everything to run as smoothly as possible as long as we're here.

Anyway- Saturday afternoon we had a couple friends over and we ate out from the chippy while watching Eurovision's Song Contest, which was a LOT of fun altho the country I was pulling for didn't win.Let me explain it for my American family and fiends...Every country in Europe is invited but not required to participate in a song contest. One nominee is chosen for for each country. You CAN'T vote for your OWN country. Interesting concept. So, since I couldn't vote for UK's song -(which BTW Kimberly would LOVE since its a Boy band called Blue)I was pulling for Hungary and then Ireland(Jedward). Honestly I don't even remember who won- I THINK it was Azerbaijan, but that wasn't the biggest point of it anyway. They had some truly strange groups on there. It was a BLAST just watching the thing. Never mind who won.
Then yesterday was our 7th anniversary. I made brunch for us. We sat and watched movies for a while, then I made our lovely dinner. After I washed up, we played a game of Trivial Pursuit(the British version which I had NO clue to the answers) and by sheer, blind, unadulterated, LUCK I won. (This only took an hour tho because we decided after a half-hour of neither of us getting a single answer right that the first one to get TWO wedges would win). I may be sending someone back home some money and asking them to purchase and send me an American TP game so the odds are a bit evened up. Then we played another game called True or False and Paul won that game....twice. :-) Then we came into the living room and Paul gave me one of his AMAZING foot-rubs while we watched some TV. We made more coffee and then it was time to go to bed around 2AM.

Because of Paul's recent surgery, we couldn't "re-enact our wedding night", but we did cuddle and kiss a LOT. Let me just take a minute to say I honestly believe my husband is the most AMAZING kisser in the infinite universe(s). I absolutely believe that if sex were outlawed and ceased to exist- as much as I would miss it, I would truly be satisfied with his kisses alone. They're just so indescribably incredible they take my breath away. And that's all I'm gonna say on that.

It was a REALLY GREAT weekend.


Odie Langley said...

Wow that steamy ending fogged up my glases. Glad you had a fantastic weekend and hope you get a handle on the feeling you have when the Parents are around. As for the number of blogs I think you should do away with Sunny Says and go with the rainbow.

Countess said...

Your weekend sounds fabulous.

Stick with this blog (as its the only one I know) lol!

I love me a good kisser!