Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Race For Life Fundraiser.....

Well, looks like Friday, Paul's mum, Joan, and I are doing some baking for a Race For Life Fundraiser on Saturday. Not really looking forward to it after some of my spectacular disasters in the kitchen lately. I wouldn't mind if I could make a Pink Lemonade Pound-Cake, because I KNOW I can make that one because I've made three of the since being here and they turned out....well, if not perfect- very nice. My girls from home have sent me a PROPER Bunt pan, (2 actually!!) and the next one WILL be perfect. But we've been requested to make Pink fairy-cakes. (Cup-cakes to my US peeps.) My frosting hasn't been spectacular either. Who am I fooling- it's turned out particularly CRAP. Everything is so different over here I'm STILL working on getting the ingredients ratio sorted.
Paul's mum is going to make Pink Coconut Ice too. Whatever That is. Joan says it's like a candy. Let's hope there's some left for the fundraiser, cause I LOVE Coconut Candy. I love Coconut ANYTHING!!!! Maybe even MORE than I like Chocolate. And the combination of the two- like a Bounty Bar or a Mounds Bar.......HEAVEN.
Anyway....it's gonna be an adventure.

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