Saturday, June 01, 2013

Bedroom Complete....practically.


Afters......... Day
 Red Hot Nights

Except for Artwork over the headboard...the bedroom is complete. I think it works rather well together. The Curtains didn't quite reach the top of the window, but I wanted it that way. The sunlight won't come thru at the bottom of the window and hit me in the face in the mornings on the weekends but you can still tell when it's daylight outside by what's coming in at the top.

Red Hot Night will be enlarged, put in a sleek glossy black frame and hung on the wall above the headboard.

If I had silver and black embossed wallpaper on the walls and a hot red shaggy rug under the bed it would be the bedroom of my dreams.

What do ya think?


Michael Dodd said...

Mikey likey!

I have thought about doing a white/red/black sort of thing with my bed linens, too. The walls of my bedroom are red (sort of subdued, Santa-Fe red, not Chinese lacquer), so I am not sure too much red in the linens might be over kill and also not quite go with the red on the walls. I have seen some nice Zen-Asian designs with black and white with some red accents that would probably work well.

One of Tom's abstracts hangs over my bed and another (diptych) hangs on the opposite wall. I think hanging your own original work is definitely the way to go to make the room unique and your own.

PS -- The first code word for me to type is Reformation. Do you think someone is trying to tell me something?

Sunny said...

TY, Mikey!!!
Is this thing still asking for code words for comments???? I could have sworn I changed that months ago!! No wonder I'm not getting many comments on my blogs. LOL!!
Reformation.......That is an interesting coincidence isn't it, Michael???

Your room ideas sound lovely as well!! I know Santa Fe Red is an especially tricky color. I go straight for the pure reds....Christmas, Cherry, Fire Engine......occasionally Apple or barn altho Barn tends to be a bit muddy for my taste. Pures are much easier to match up- but it sometimes can be a bit straining on the eyes.

Jewel colors are my favs. Emerald or Forrest Green, Royal, Electric or Colbalt Blue, Lemon or Sunflower yellows(altho with yellow I tend to downgrade to a buttery yellow due to it's tendency to intensify if you use it on more than one wall.)
My usual practice in my own home is to do neutral colors with colorful accessories that be (relatively inexpensively) changed out. I like to change things up a LOT especially during the holidays as you well know!!

I do love some of my personal artwork. My hubby has some sketches in that same type genre I would LOVE to hang in our bedroom as well(and luckily in the same colors) but he won't let me because he says they're a bit too risqu`e if a guest(or relative) wandered into our room.
I argue it's OUR room so I should be able to do what I want in it, but I have a feeling I'm not going to win this arguement....especially since it's HIS sketches.
Oh well. I tried!! :-)

Sunny said...

Oh, btw, Michael- The trick with doing red is to use it in equal amounts with black or do a tiny amount of black and red with a LOT of white. If you use the three in equal amounts it starts looking VERY busy and overdone. And you defo dont want that in a bedroom. Bedroom should be quiet retreats no matter what colors you choose.