Friday, June 21, 2013

Scare Tactics....

It's been a while snce I just sat down and wrote for the pleasure of it.

Usually it's to rant about something or to put up photos of something we've done to the house.

But today I'm just going to write. It's been a long process these past couple of years. Stressful living with the inlaws, Stressful looking for a job, stressful saving to get our own place and moving. but that's all over now.
I'm looking forward to exploring our new area. We live on a very leafy street here in Didsbury on the outskirts of Manchester. Our home hoverlooks two golf across the street on the front- and another at the rear of the property. There's always a breeze when the windows are open and it's wonderful!!
We only put curtains up in our bedroom, but that wasnt for privacy....mainly it was because its a smaller room with a big window and sometimes I get migraines. I can't stand light in any way, shape or form when I get one and I needed one room where it was dark.So hubby and I shopped and bought the darkest curtains/drapes we could find and put them up in the bedroom. And just in time too. The day after we put them up- I got one of those horrible migraines. It hit me like a bolt of lightening. Bless my husband for having the forethought to put them up as soon as we got them home!!!

We also live just yards from a river too. Also on two sides of our house. I cant wait to go on a walk along it to get some photos. Paul and his mate from work went on a photo walk a couple weekends ago and got some great shots!! I was invited to go, but it was a couple days after the migraine and I really didnt want to get overheated and have a relapse, so off they went on their own.

Other than being home sick with the headache it's the only time I've been on my own at home since we moved!!

Speaking of Photos, are you planning on watching the SuperMoon on the 23rd?
I certainly am....if the clouds will co-operate and stay out of the sky just this ONCE!

Did you read the post about our ghost?
Well, the little mischeifmaker has been very active lately. We got up one morning and my aluminium makeup cases had been unlatched.
I have this little porcelain Cherub that sits on a shelf. When we was back in the states, my daughter would move it almost every time she came to our house. Since I put it out here- it has been moved from three different spots I had put it.
And when we got home from work the other day, The toilet roll was sitting upright in the middle of the bathroom floor. and we have a HUGE bathroom!!

As long as the little imp keeps pulling harmless tricks like that I can live with it. It just makes me chuckle. 

It's really weird tho because my father in law has a buddy that knows where we live- and he says it used to be some sort of mental home or hospital years ago. Odd.

I'm enjoying cooking again. Altho I do set off the fire alarm at every opportunity. Not because my cookings bad, but lets just say Paul boiled the electric kettle the other night and the vapor off it set the alarm off. It's wayyyyyyy too sensitive.

Whew.......okay, I thought I had lost my post...accidentally left clicked when I moved the laptop, but it saved it to draft. I might not me so lucky next time, so I'm gonna end it here. More later....promise.


Michael Dodd said...

A ghost? How cool is that! When our cats walk up or down the stairs to the basement, it sounds like an adult human being, but that is about as ghostly as it gets out here in the Wisconsin woods.

So far ...

Dianne @ Sweet Journey Home said...

Hi, Sunny! I've just spent the past good while catching up on your blog and totally enjoying it! I'm reading a great book right now by Karen White entitled The House on Tradd Street. With a "ghost" of your own, you might enjoy it! I'm so happy for you to finally have a home of your own and a new job! It all sounds so exciting and I'll look forward to future posts about it.