Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Okay, First of all, let's loosely define what a FREAK is........

The informal definition from Wikipedia........a person regarded as strange because of their unusual appearance or behaviour.

"Her books offer us the independent girl as something of a freak"
 Alrighty then. So what it's basicly saying is- we ALL have freaky tendencies.

Every Single One of us......So is our freakishness inherited or learned? I'm thinking learned. Otherwise wouldnt we all have the exact Freakishness as our ancestors???
Believe me- I dont think my parents have any of my freakishness in them.

I really cant decide tho........where do we LEARN our freaks?

Or are they just like bad habits that we pick up and then cant/dont want to get rid of?



Ur-spo said...

By now the word 'freak' is purely negative; I never use it anymore other than to describe sudden inclement weather.

Sunny said...

I think you are right, hun!! But i know some people-not just men- who have some really freaky(and by freaky I mean nasty weird) habits That make me think- yeah- they are a freak.

Michael Dodd said...

I am fuzzy on this one. I had also looked up definitions of the word and they all sounded too negative. I probably (rarely) use the word more as an exclamation denoting "Wow!' without any implied condemnation. So for me freaky usually equals weird -- and I am all for weird when weird is intentionally funny and not just gross.

As for freaky habits, I used to joke that I have no bad habits or character defects, just charming idiosyncrasies. I'm not freaky -- just fascinating.

Sunny said...

LOL- true in some cases Michael- and I think especially in yours....however, I know some people that have some mighty freaky habits.....And because of it- I'm having a hard time getting this blogpost written.

I did go on a walk and Photowalk today tho so soon as I have some editing done, I'll be posting some photos on here and on my P52 Blog.