Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Yo-Yo Birthday.

(AKA the Roller-coaster Birthday).

Okay so yesterday was my birthday. My 54th. :-D

It certainly didnt turn out anything like I had planned, but I think it will be a memorable one for sure.

First of all, I had planned on having a big ole lazy day. not even getting dressed, just sitting around in my pjs and bathrobe all day, reading, watching tv....just generally slacking off.

Well, I got up, came into the living-room, did my workout,(no excuses there.....) read a few blogs and FB....then I thought, well, even tho it IS my birthday- tomorrow is the last day before we go back to work, so we still have to get groceries and I really DO HAVE to go to the post office and I need to get those registration papers up to the doctors office so I can get my meds before they run out. I'd rather do all that today and then have all tomorrow for a true R & R day before going back to the grindstone on Thursday.

So when Paul got up- before I even said anything, he voices my thoughts exactly in the form of a in would you like to do this?......and I laughed and said I had been thinking the same thing.

Well, we went and got our groceries. Came home, put everything away. Then I realized we hadn't been to the Post Office nor the Doctor's office. So we got our shoes back on and instead of driving up there, decided to walk up- and take the bus back home.
We grabbed the post office items and put them in a bag and off we went. It wasn't a power walk- but it wasn't a stroll either. It was a nice walk. One and a quarter miles.

Well, Paul had a few photos on his pen drive that he wanted to take to the photo shop and have printed out so he could hang them on the wall in our "Other Room"...(sometimes it's the office, sometimes it's the workout room, sometimes it's the photography studio, sometimes it's the gameroom, sometimes it's the guestroom. It's the Other Room.) he stopped there while I continued on to the post office to mail my items home.

Well, I got finished and then walked into a couple of the Charity shops to browse, then walked back down to the photo shop where Paul was just finishing up. The clerk told him it would take around fifteen to twenty minutes to print them up- so we stolled around Didsburyand then stopped in Costa(the British Version of Starbucks) for a coffee.

He finished his and I still had a LOT of mine when the twenty minutes was up and I suggested he go ahead and walk over and pick the things up while I finished my cafe-latte. And he did. While he was gone, I decided that instead of making a whole birthday cake for just me and him, I would just buy a couple of slices of the cakes they had there at Costa. I got him a slice of carrot cake- me a slice of tiramasu cake. (mine was divine- he still hasnt eaten his yet.)

Then he got back and we sat and took in the local color as I finished my drink.

We left, strolled around Didsbury a bit more, then walked to the bus stop.........just as the entire group of kids from all the local schools arrived for thier after school trip home.
Ummmmm.......... no.

Now bear in mind, I haven't been out walking but just ONCE since I got off the crutches for my broken foot, and that was the day before when I walked a mile and a half to- and in- the park.
I was in NO shape to do another mile and a half after walking all the way UP there into town. But it was either that OR riding back on the bus with 60 screaming squawking teenagers and elementary kids, so we started the trek back home.

And about halfway back home- it started raining. Not a proper rain, just a alternating sprinkle/drizzle.

And that's when I realized we still hadn't been to the Docotors office. I hadn't even remembered to bring the paperwork with us. The MAIN reason we came into town.
O. M. G....*facepalm*

We laughed about it....a little.

Then when we got home, Paul walked into Northenden to get the hardware to hang the photographs on the wall and I came in and showered and got ito my warm jammies and bathrobe. FINALLY.

After he got back and got the photos hung up, He made us dinner(tea as they call it). He made Ribeye steak, potatoes, spinach and mushroom and onions. And it was lovely.  Afterwards we sat and watched a bit of TV  before bed.

Now this morning I got up and thought, well, I'll just do my workout and then nip into town while Paul's still asleep and get that doctors paperwork thing taken care of.
So I got into my workout clothes and thought, you know- I'm almost getting bored of the Jillian Michaels one, let me find something else to do.....and when I tried to look at a different workout video I found online, it turned out to be a trojan horse for a virus. So it knocked out my Mozilla and I had to re-install it. Well, I gave up on the workout, but decided to just go ahead and go to the doctors office. So I grabbed my coat,  put on my boots, grabbed my keys and wallet, and off to the bus stop I went.
And JUST as I got there- I realized I had forgotten the paperwork AGAIN, so as I walked BACK to the house to get it- the bus passed me by.
I came back, got the papers, grabbed a glass of water and drank it-  then walked back to the bus stop to wait on the next one because the one that takes me directly TO the doc office runs every 30 mins.

Well, as I'm standing at the bus stop- with about 15 mins left before the next 370 comes by....I see THREE herons flying overhead, so I grab out my phone and start trying to get a decent photo of them......I'm not sure I ever did get a GOOD one......cause I glance up just as the NEXT 370 breezes by the stop- AGAIN. It was a few minutes EARLY and that NEVER EVER happens!!! Til NOW.

At this point, I said a couple of bad words starting with the letter M  & F, and ending with  'son of a bitch!!!!!'.....

I started laughing and said screw it- and I gave up and walked back to the house.
I'll get Paul to stop by there after work tomorrow and we'll drop them off then. I'm going to spend the rest of my day relaxing like I planned to begin with.

And THAT has been my Birthday. What a mis-adventure!!!!


Michael Dodd said...

Uh ... many happy returns of the day? Maybe not so much, but at least you were laughing.

Sunny said...

TY Michael..... I forot to mention the weird episode I had last night too- but I did post about that on it's own....the one titled "What Just Happened?" Now THAT was FREAKY.
And I sincerely hope when I die it's that way.