Sunday, February 16, 2014

To Tide You Over.....

Well, in the past few days ........

I finally talked with my mom after a month of not being able to get thru to her because of Skype not connecting....and then her being hospitalized for a week.

She also got a new web cam so we were actually able to see and talk to each other and I was tickled PINK!!

I got my new ring. Been looking for another London Blue Topaz ring for ages and just haven't been able to find exactly what I wanted til last week. I used to own one in a previous life, but it was 17 carats...OBSCENELY big and ugly-(it was a gift-part of a set- I didn't choose them myself)and altho I loved the look of the Blue Topaz, the stones I had, I hated.........
The ring was too big and garish, the earrings were heart shaped stones and I HATE heart shaped stones(I think they should only be worn by little girls or  teenagers) ....the necklace was okay but the setting was yellow gold- (again-something I don't care for at all). So, I was trolling thru the jewelers websites and happened on one that had not only the stone I wanted(London Blue Topaz) but also in the metal I wanted(Sterling Silver) and the stone was the SIZE I wanted(5-7 Carats)!!!! No diamonds, just the topaz!!! I was over the moon!!!

Hmmm......I think maybe I need to start using some wrinkle cream and moisturizer on those hands now that I see them close up in a photo....... the in-laws picked up our new shelves from Paul's aunt and delivered them today. I made them supper and we had a really nice visit as well!
I made...
Roast Chicken(That bird was HUGE!!! Like 10 lbs huge!!)
Roast Mixed Veg(Broccoli, baby corn, onions and bell peppers)
Roast Potatoes
Chicken Gravy
And for afters we had Pineapple Upside Down Cake, My Mother-in-Laws fav (next to  Lemon cake).

The shelving units are Black Glass and Chrome- matches our TV stand, too. Paul has put his Star Trek Sta- ship model collection on the larger one. We thought they would look better on it than on the wooden ones we had them on. And they do.

Our house is starting to look like a home.(About time too- we been living here almost a YEAR now!! How time flies!!
 We still need a comfy chair for the living room so it doesn't look so much like a movie theatre, tho. We need to get two large pieces of artwork too....... One for over the TV- and one for the wall behind the sofa area....but they need to be pretty big so it's gonna take us a while to find something that not only will work in the space size-wise, but also something both of us like......that's like shooting for the moon.
It's really weird that we like so MANY of the same things but are at total opposite poles when it comes to other things. But it keeps things interesting as well, I gotta admit.

I was gonna post some photos of our outing to the pub, but none of them turned out good enough to post. Most were blurry or the lighting was too dark(we were in a pub, lol), and someone got sick and decided that sleeping in the bathtub would be a really good idea and altho I got a really good photo of that, I dont think they would appreciate me posting it... Sorry.
(And to be honest,The bathtub sleep was a GREAT idea.) I stayed up til almost 6AM when the someone finally stopped being sick enough to shower. Then we went to bed....them for about 11 hours, me for about 3. All in all tho- a "good time???" was had by all.

My Birthday is coming up on the 25th. I've taken Mon 24th, Tues 25th, and Wed 26th off in addition to the Saturday and Sunday  before. Nice long weekend. However, we're going to the Pub to celebrate MY birthday on Friday the 28th...I'm thinking maybe I shoulda planned that time off better. LOL.

Now, also- I've been dieting and that's been taking up a good bit of my time lately. More than I'm happy with and my weight bhas been up and down like a helicopter and making me miserable. But I'm hanging in there!!!

So there you have it. A brief story about some of the things that's been going on in the past month or so since I posted last.

Now- I'll be posting the "Are All Men/Women Freaks" Posts later on this week.......

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Michael Dodd said...

Love the ring! Happy Upcoming Birthday!

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