Monday, February 24, 2014

Freaky Vs Weird.....

Okay, I've thought about it and thought about it and this is just getting harder and harder to write about. So I'm gonna stop thinking about it and just write it already.

Okay, so I have decided that(for me) freaky and weird are different in the way of......
Weird is something someone does and it's borderline acceptable to do it in public.
Freaky is something that is weird and should be kept private- or at least from the GENERAL public.

Let's just agree that any and all sex and bedroom activities are freaky-....they all need to stay private. Ain't NOBODYS business except for the people in that bedroom- whether that be one person or 10  people or a hundred people(big bedroom, I guess).

Now in public.......I know one guy who picks his nose and then eats the bogies. In public. That's freaky for me. If he would do that in public- what the heck does he do in private??? Dont wanna know- he's on my freaky list.
My husband thinks the women who glue fake nails and eyelashes on are freaky. I think that's perfectly most cases. Now if you glue so many eyelashes on you look like they are a solid piece of felt instead of individual lashes- then THAT's a bit freaky. If you use artificial nails an inch long, thats normal- but the ones 5 inches long....that's freaky.

Men who wear mankinis and women who wear see thru clothing are freaky to me. Speedos are just weird. I'm not sure why- but it's kinda like women and nipples....everyone knows you have the bits, - but not everyone wants them on display. Freaky.

People who hoard are freaky to me. I just dont understand that need!!

I think I still got a long way to go on thinking this post out.

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