Monday, May 26, 2014

A Few More Photos.....

A few more Photos from my visit home.....
 Alyssa and her Other Papa
 My Daughter, Julie and Alyssa Bug.
 On the Drive to Moms....
 We're at Mom's!!!
 Seeing my mom in just a minute and a half!!!
 Kathy(Clay's widow), Adrianna, and Alyssa!
 My Baby Bro- Charlie.
 But when he's with his wife Doris- He's Chuck.
 My Mom and her Fiancee, Dennis.
 My mom let Alyssa play with HER baby dolls....and Alyssa made sure EVERYONE got to help take care of them. Lawd, that young 'un and her dolls!!! LOL!!!!!
 Little Paris Hilton and her TWO purses/handbags. She got her brother, Christopher to put her money in them equally. Poor Bubba!!!
 All tuckered out from a day of shopping with Mommy and Nana. Choosing colors and flavors for her birthday cake was exhausting!!!
 My Bezzie Rhonni and my Sissy Tee. Dinner at Silver Bay for Seafood!!!!! YUMMMM!!!
 My Eldest son, Frank, and most of his family.....Sophia, Devon,Nicholas,Seth, and Samuel. Elijah couldn't make it, unfortunately. Neither could Katelynn. Hopefully next time?
 Alyssa's aforementioned Birthday cake. LOVE it!!!!
 Boots go with everything......
 Eddie giving Julie some Good Morning Sugah.....I love a man who isnt afraid to show his love.
 Sophia giving Frank some Afternoon sugah........Gotta love it!!!
 My sissy Nina, looking like a Cyborg with the bluetooth. hahahahaha!! <3
Yep- my little country girl, Boots DO go with everything!!! Even a LBD as you will someday realize!!!

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Michael Dodd said...

Loverly family and fabulous cake!