Friday, May 02, 2014

Going Home.....

Every once in a while, a Goddess must return to her roots.

And this Goddess is returning to her Valhalla in a couple of days. She will be spending time reconnecting with her Demi-god and Demi-goddess and sister Goddesses  for a blissful seven days.

I will be eating, and drinking, and shopping and getting, and giving, much love and adoration.

It will be hard to leave my Mere Mortal(aka My hubby, My God) behind for a week, but he is looking forward to a week on his own as much as this Goddess is looking forward to her time with her family.

I had a frank discussion with my husband about my job situation. He was most understanding about it and suggested I not worry about it until  after my holidays and until the situation becomes unbearable at work.
I had expected him to be vehemently opposed to the idea, much because the job I may be changing to is in the town we just moved from- around sixty miles commuter every day, but it turns out he's very supportive about it. After all he says- It's just a train ride away and as long as the pay is enough for us to still be comfortable and be able to afford our bills and the travel expenses, it won't be a problem. Who knows.....maybe at some point he might change jobs and we might move back to the area, too. Heck, his parents are moving to Spain in two years so maybe we might even be able to buy their house at that point.

But that's far into the future.

Right now, I'm just glad  things are working out the way they are.
One of my best friends(whom I consider a sister) has moved to a new job, has a new man in her life and she is finally happy. I think she may be on her way to a blissfully happy relationship, just like me and my Mere Mortal.
I'm going home to Valhalla to reconnect with my family.
I have the most wonderful husband in the world.
I have a decent job- and the promise of a better one as a possibility in the future.

Life is good.

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Michael Dodd said...

How happy some Mere Mortals be! And wise and loving. Have a divine trip!