Monday, May 26, 2014

Jet Lag-Part Two

Okay, so after eating my lovely French Fries, I walked over to the gate. I wasn't about to leave and try and find a hotel on my own in a city I didn't know my way round.

It was freezing so I managed to buy a blanket in one of the shops in the airport. That was a fluke too because the guy was just going to lower the gate but he let me get the blanket when he heard how long I was going to be stuck there. He also was sweet enough to suggest that first thing in the morning I could go and try and book one of the mini suites there IN the airport...basically a room the size of a walk in closet with a bed and a TV screen that showed the time and flight statuses. (Which I did, but, unfortunately, they were all full. Danggitt.)
I absolutely couldn't believe some of the prices in that ALL the shops of the airports. Blinkin' ell.
That little lap blanket cost me 20 dollars. And the McDonald's meal cost me 12. And a meal I had later on cost me another 22....and that was a Turkey and Swiss Sammie, a diet soda, a milk, and a chocolate bar. That was breakfast the next day. Then I got another McD meal just before my flight came in and that was another 20. Honest to God- I spent as much on food that day as I did on my food the rest of the week on my visit.
Anyway.......I walked the terminals(slowly and carefully in bits and using the moving walkways as often as they were available) off and on the rest of the night and the following day to stay awake.
At one point I saw a young lady- early 20's maybe- sitting by herself at one of the gates looking as tired and bored as I was, so after walking a few steps past her, I turned around and asked her if she minded if I stopped and chatted with her for a few minutes. She smiled a HUGE smile and said PLEASE do!!!

Now- I would have a few photos- I had forgotten to bring my cameras with me(TOTAL BLONDE MOMENT!!!) but I used my daughters while staying with her, and I had thought I could use my phone camera for the traveling part of it..... but Nooooooooooo, My phone NOR tablet would open to past the first screen for my entire trip. So I couldn't even retrieve my phone numbers from my phone!!!! And on top of that my phone battery had died..... I have no idea what was wrong with it.
Anyway, the sweet girl was from Ohio, traveling to Kuwait to do something with teaching Kuwait guys how to play American Style Football......I didn't quite understand it all, but it sounded very exciting!! I can imagine doing that when I was her age!!!
She had a charger and offered to let me try and charge my phone to see if location had anything to do with the problem, so I graciously accepted her offer. We sat and had a lovely hour long chat about this and that while it charged. Then when I turned it on- it stayed on and allowed me to pull up my contacts on it JUST long enough to get my husbands mobile number written down before it went dead again!!So then \I contacted HIM and let him know I was stuck in Philly and for how long and told him I would just take a taxi home when I finally made it back instead of him driving in to pick me up as we had planned.
When I got home Paul got my phone and looked at it and he said the phone was just knackered.....He ended up giving me the phone that had previously been his before he got his new one! Thank God he had kept it!!
So Big Shout Out To Laura From Ohio!!!!

I've said it over and over again- Angels walk amongst us on Earth. That makes TWO I met on my trip, in case you're counting.

To Be continued.........

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