Monday, May 26, 2014

Jet Lag-Part Three

So, there I was still in Philly and guess what? The flight to Manchester was late AGAIN!!!! By two hours.

I have no idea what the hold-up was- by that time I was tired, hungry annoyed and just wanted to be HOME. When it finally arrived, I boarded and  sat down and didn't get up for the entire flight.

When I got to the Customs gate in Manchester, I went thru with no probs whatsoever. Boom-Bang-Boom, Done.
I showed y'all a photo of my carry on I bought for my trip over....the nice bright red faux alligator one? That's how many clothes I brought over. I bought a few outfits while I was there,  plus my sisters bought me an AWESOME pair of leather cowgirl boots while I was there-they said it was Birthdays and Christmases we had missed- and so I had loads more coming back that I did going over.
Luckily I found a roller one in one of the Thrift Shops we went to with my mom while I was there that was perfect for the trip back so I bought it!!4 DOLLARS for a case that would have cost me $50 had I went to a shop and bought it brand new and all my clothes fit in it!!!!!
So on the way back- I had checked baggage instead of the carry on. I actually left the carry on at my daughters for her to use since she doesn't have any luggage at all. I think she used he babies diaper bag to stuff an outfit in when we went to stay at my moms a night while I was back visiting. LOL- So now she has an actual proper BAG to use. Bless her.

Anyhow, so After I got my luggage, I got enough money out of the ATM to cover my taxi and then rolled my bag out to the ground transportation area and hailed a cab. It took me home and I was never so glad to see my bed in my entire life!!!!

Not that I used it.....I greeted my sweet husband and after we had a brief chat I said I was starving and he chuckled and said if I hadn't just had such an ordeal he would suggest going to our breakfast place for a Full English.
I looked at him and said I would LOVE that!!!!! He looked at me kinda sideways and asked was I SERIOUS? I said I was and he reluctantly said okay.
He was reluctant because our breakfast place is in St. Helens which is a 60+ mile round trip. I didn't care. I was hungry and I was we drove to The Lemon Tree Cafe and had our Full English Breakfast...
Bacon(Country ham to my Mercun Friends and family), Black pudding(a kind of sausage patty), fried eggs over easy, stewed tomatoes, mushrooms, a hash brown, fried bread, porky beans, and toast. and it was GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!

After eating that we walked down to the shopping district and walked around for about 20 mins- there was nothing we wanted to actually BUY, we was just enjoying being with each other- and then a wave of absolute and utter exhaustion hit me and I asked if we could head home. My sweet husband put his arm around me, kissed my cheek and said of course....and away we headed, back to our lovely flat in Manchester.......

I was


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