Monday, May 26, 2014

Jet Lag- Part One.

I am beginning to wonder. Ever since I got back I am just exhausted!!

That may be because of the 24 hour layover in Philadelphia tho.

Okay so what happened was this.....

I had my lovely visit and then it was time to come after a tearful goodbye at the Greenville Spartanburg Airport with my kids, Julie and Frank, and their partners Eddie and Sophia(both absolute darlings as well!) I went thru security and began my wait for my plane which was coming from Vegas -taking me to Philly.
Turns out it was delayed due to the storms that week. And there were some DOOZIES!!!!
Well, I'm still having a few problems with my foot from the break- I KNOW it's been a few months but as you get older (not that I'm saying I AM) you have a bit of a longer healing time....and seeing as how I'm not allowed to go on the treadmill for 15 minutes at the gym yet because of it- I didn't think RUNNING across a bunch of terminals trying to get to the next flight was going to help it any. I had a 2 hour(almost) window but my flight from GSP was delayed by an hour and 40 mins. So I mentioned I was worried about the flight and why to the gate attendant and she was so sweet and set up an assisted boarding when I reached Philly- in other words, I was met with a wheelchair and taken directly to the little VIP golf cart and driven to the gate of my flight in Philly. A bit OTT, but I really appreciated it!!
Shout out to Darlene G of United Airlines!!!! <3
Anyway, so the flight FINALLY got there, and when we arrived in Philly, I was rushed to aforementioned gate.....and even with all that- I STILL missed the flight by 5 blooming minutes!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!
So, they drove me to the Special Services Desk who informed me that I had already been booked for the next flight.......... in exactly 24 hours.
Whaaaaaaaa????? Is there nothing at ALL before then?????
Nope- Apparently, there is only one flight a day out of Philly to Manchester UK. They said they could book me onto a flight to Heathrow in London and from there to Manchester, but I would arrive at the same time as the one scheduled in 24 hours, so I declined.I saw no reason whatsoever  to add yet ANOTHER airline and airport-especially one as HUGE as HEATHROW- into the already FUBAR situation. So, I was stuck in Philly for 24 hours.I asked about a room since my flight wasn't until the end of the next day....nope- United doesn't do that........Meal voucher? Nope- that either. Oh well.........
Luckily, I thought, there's a McDonald's literally STEPS across the way from my gate IN the terminal. So I went there and stepped in line to order food. I was starving....didn't eat anything since breakfast with my kids at 8AM that morning. Was at GSP at lunch and was too upset to even THINK about trying to eat at that time.....same on the flight to Philly.....wasn't gonna happen.
Anyway, I was second to the counter and the guy in front of me ordered a Big Mac and coke. Sorry sir, We don't have Big Macs. Okay, he'll have a QP with cheese....Nope- don't have that either. Waiting for their food delivery truck to get there which has been delayed by- you guessed it- the storms. Okay, so what DO you have then?.....
Fries and ice cream and Drinks.
Seriously. That's ALL they had. He left- I walked up and ordered two LARGE fries and a Large Full Sugar Coke. And I almost ate it all!!!

To Be Continued.........

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