Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drama Queens?

I overheard a discussion last week about how .....ahem...."exciting" being married to/dating the "Miller Women" is . How we no sooner got over one crisis, than another one followed on its heels before we could take half a breath.
How being with the Miller women had driven the men in the family balding, gray, overweight, and even, in some cases, diabetic.
Well, I thought it was only ME that had so much drama in my life- I'm glad to be in such good company.

(And to all our friends(and my sisters).....this discussion was a funny one said with laughter and fun in their voices- not a bit of complaint and malice intended. I swear, so don't beat them up- and don't put any hexes or spells on them, either.)

Well, I suppose we ARE Drama Queens.....BUT it's certainly NOT by choice- I think all us "Miller Women" would WELL prefer to have quiet, NORMAL lives.......whatever THAT is! Chance and Lady Luck just seems to seek US out for all the crap stuff......The upside being that at some point one of us has GOT to win the lottery and change this streak we're on. (I hope.) I mean the laws of chance has got to be on our side that way, right?.......(if not then DON'T tell me/us that- just leave us our dream intact.)

BTW- August 5th is Sisters Day. I didn't even know it was a holiday til last year!!!

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