Thursday, July 02, 2009

Summertime Blues

Man this heat index is about to kill me and my hubby.
Every morning when i get home, our bedroom is so nice and we go to bed and sleep til about 10AM....and at that point, we begin the journey. Up and down, awake and back asleep as the temps climb throughout the day.
Eventually we get up and make our way to the Living-room to sleep under the coolness of the ONE AC we have in the house.
Well, actually we have two, but one is a TINY one in the kitchen that's been put PERMANENTLY in place in the window (wasn't us- we have NO idea WHY either...)and does us no good except when we're actually cooking in the summertime.
If it didn't involve taking a window permanently out of the bedroom I'd go buy an a/c special for the bedroom, too.
All this waking and going back to sleep is really making me exhausted.
I don' know WHY we haven't moved the bed- or at least the mattress into the living-room already........well, actually I would take up half the living room floor space and the only open spot is directly in the CENTER of the room's floor and that mattress weighs a ton- even sliding it, so it would STAY in the living room floor.......... ALL. THE. TIME.
It's not that we're too lazy to move it- it's just that it seriously weighs a LOT LOT and if you saw the hallway and obstacles we would have to manipulate the mattress around to get it back and forth from the L/R to the B/R, you would understand why it would be impossible to move it back and forth every day.
Besides that, everyone would be walking on it, and sitting on it, and crawling on it and , I'm sorry, but I'm one of those REALLY ODD people who cannot stand the thought, let alone the actual ACT, of anyone but me and my husband being on/in our bed. It actually makes me retch to have it happen...seriously.

We're thinking about taking the camping airbed mattress and using it during the summer- it's MUCH more lightweight than the actual bed mattress and we could put it in the bedroom when we aren't sleeping............only problem's made of that heavy gauge plastic rubber stuff, and we have a kitty-cat who just LOVES to scratch ......anything but his scratching POST we got special for him, that is.
I can see that ending badly.


Astarte said...

We have an a/c unit in many of our windows, and they all come out fine when we take them out around October. Why would you permanently lose a window? Are your windows really funky or something? OMG, I couldn't sleep without the ac on. Even in the winter I usually like the ceiling fan to be on!

Sunny said...

Yeah we have funky windows....the windows in the "guesthouse" are those old time rollout kind...sort of like the old Mobile home ones used to be before they started putting in house type ones. There would be metal framework to remove along with the glass for a window unit.