Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Feel Good........FINALLY.

I really feel so much better today.
After going to bed at about 10 last night- I woke up at 4AM and just could not go back to sleep for the life of me....So I did what I usually do when I can't sleep....I got up and went into the kitchen and cleaned it.
Then when Paul woke up, I vacuumed the kitchen, hallway and living room.....something I haven't felt like doing in about a month and have neglected terribly.
I know, But I don't have kids around so things don't get bad or need cleaning nearly as often. So I let it go because I wasn't feeling up to it.

So why do women(ie...ME) feel as tho they/I have to clean house every day whether or not it needs it(other than the required daily cleaning like dishes and cooking and making the bed-which BTW- I think is a stupid idea because you just get back in it at then end of the day anyway. Beds should be made ONLY when company is coming, if you ask me. There should be a rule or something.).......?????
Why can't we just take a day or two off from housework without feeling like a complete and utter slob?
I dunno- but I think my problem is I'm a bit OCD and everything needs to be put in it's place for me to not feel as tho I should be DOING something.
Paul tells me I just need to sit back and relax and let it go a bit.....and you know what??????
I think I'm gonna listen to him and actually TAKE his advice more often.
He's a smart cookie, ya know.
I mean, I could go fishing, or I could go out and shoot my Glock...or Pauls rifle- maybe even take a try at his 12 Gauge even tho the LAST time I tried it, a 12 gauge put me on my butt, quite literally. I might have to go get a couple pairs of ear protectors tho- I have the foam earplugs, but they don't last very long in this weather. I could go hiking, or biking, or I could spend more time dancing- which I LOVE to do- even if it's just around the house. I don't have to be a Club-Rat to have fun.
Paul and I were thinking about what we could do to spend more time together. We both like our drives- but recently- we've had a hard time going anyplace we haven't already been without making it an overnighter.
I don't especially like shooting his long-guns- and he doesn't really like my hand-gun. I like to shoot hoops and pitch horseshoes, but he has problems with depth perception so that ones no fun for him.
We both like to fish- but until yesterday we didn't have a liscence and the pond needs to be restocked since the great flood of 2007. I was thinking abou it all afternnon, and I thought we might go to Rocks and Ropes, but I'm not sure Paul would enjoy that either. I've been a few times and it's nothing like real rock climbing, altho you can get the gist of it there.
I wish we had a pool.....Paul could teach me to swim better. I can tread water for a few minutes if I HAVE to, but pretty swimming has never been within my grasp- mainly because we never went or go swimming often enough for me to get good at it. And I only like Pool water. I like o be able to see the bottom and whats IN the water WITH me. Call me a Prima Dona........I'm used to it.
Gaming , I don't like to do much with Paul....he's a life-gamer and can beat my butt blindfolded with one hand tied behind his back while doing asplit standing on his head int eh wrong direction.
Tell me I'll have fun just knowing THAT! I also get EXTREMELY frustrated when I'm trying to learn a game, alone- let alone knowing I'm holding "The Pro" back while he's trying to teach me-altho he tries very hard to be patient with me....sometimes I can tell he's thinking "OMG- how can she NOT have gotten this by now???? We've been playing this for hours and it's just like she just seen a controller for the first time this very second." (MY thought of what I think he's thinking- not his).
LOL...Anyway, we got a ton of things to try out now......we just gotta find one that fits us as a couple, rather than us as individuals.


Evan 08 said...

Playing music?

AndreAnna said...

With two small kids, a cat and a dog, I know not of this phenomenon you speak of about cleaning things that are clean. Nothing in my house is ever clean. Ever.

Have you thought about getting a Wii to have some time with Paul? Mike and I love it - we play trivia games, sports, and it's great for when you have family/friends over.

Also, maybe you and Paul can look into geocaching (just google it). It's like a scavenger hunt. Someone posts GPS coordinates of where something is hidden and you find it, sign a book, leave a message, leave something of your own. It's really fun and a lot of the locations are pretty and woodsy.