Saturday, July 04, 2009

It's A BOY!!!!....& Happy July 4th!!!!!!!

Yesterday Marie had her labor induced. Then she had an epidural. I visited her- she was doing fine, but the labor was running slow....she was at 3-4, and not hurting at all, they figured it would be hours (Kathy went for 36 hours before having CJ), So I went to do errands and she was still fine.
So I came home and Paul and I settled in for our long awaited "date night"....the first since our ill-fated camping trip. And I made the mistake of letting my guard down and relaxing and having a few drinks- the first in several MONTHS.......
Our cable system went down for a while....a few hours, and during that time, Paul and I had a couple more drinks to pass the time...Just chatting, and snuggling and catching up.
Then the phone rang about the same time a knock came at our door. It was Julie on the phone, and my brother at the door.
The baby had went into distress (they lost the heartbeat) and Marie had been rushed into have an emergency C-section. The baby was fine- Marie was in surgery for a couple of hours being taken care of.
I missed the birth of my last grandchild. I missed the Birth of my first as well, for the same reason. Julie had been admitted to the hospital for Toxemia and T.J. had went into distress as well and Julie had asked me to go get her husband at work when they told her she was being admitted to the hospital. Before we could make it back- she was rushed into surgery and T.J. was born.
I suppose it's only's come full circle now.
Anyway, Elijah James, born July 3rd(don't know the exact time yet) weighed in at 6 pounds 14 ounces and has a tiny bit of hair!! I'll be going to visit him and his mommy later this morning.
In other news...........
Paul and I decided to try out the air-mattress in the living-room idea last night.........Let's just say it was NOT a rousing success. We had to re-inflate it several times during the evening and when I woke up this morning, it was flat on the floor.

Paul has been throwing up all morning long.
He has had an unquenchable thirst for about three weeks now(since the weather got completely unbearable) and when he drank anything this morning, he ended up throwing it right back up it was walk from the kitchen to the bathroom, ad nausem.........quite literally.

Do you SEE now why I don't relax and enjoy life any more than I do????? The last time I let my guard down, I ended up with a 4AM visit from Kathy and her mom telling me my son was gone....this time it was an emergency C-Section when everything was going so smoothly.

Dare I try and take a nap? I don't think so.
Happy 4th Of July!!!!!


Evan 08 said...

My kids' mom had toxemia with both of them. Kids are both fine. Sounds like you have a little guilt over missing the birth. Let it go.

Paulius said...

Oh, and my throwing up might have had something to do with the seven or eight white russians I had last night.

Half a bottle of vodka after a five year hiatus from drinking will do that to you.

Terry Chandler said...

It's all good Sunny, the baby's here, they're all doing well. Nothing left to do but go and smother him with kisses!

Lois said...

What Terry said. Congratulations to you all on the birth of another healthy baby! Enjoy him.