Saturday, November 28, 2009

He said-She Said.....

This is what HE said...

This is what SHE has to say......

Well, yeah I DID move TWO things around in the living-room. I took one of the end tables and moved it across the room to put the telephone base on. Then I slid the sofa/couch 6 inches to the left. That was IT.

See, what my darling hubby doesn't understand is

I have lived my entire life being able to move the furniture around any way I wanted...seriously from the time I was about 8 years mom liked doing outside things and she didn't care that I took over the housekeeping for her. And this meant that every time I really deep cleaned the house(about 2-3 times a year) I would simply re-arrange the furniture along with it. In the Spring, it was to take advantage of the coolness of the breeze coming in the windows or to get the most out of the window unit A/C. In the winter months- it was to facilitate and maximize the space for the holiday decorations. After the holidays were over one or two items were re-positioned to get the room back in order. And I've always been the one to unhook and hook the electronics back up and move them around when I did all this re-arranging, too.

But now my darling hubby has a few things hooked up and calibrated so I can't MOVE the electronics like I used to. I can't move anything in the room except a couple bookshelves and ONE chair. I can't move the electronics. I can't move the desk with the computer and printer. I can't move his art table. Nor the entertainment center holding the TV and all the electronic components hooked up to it.
And this KILLS me.
It almost makes me feel uncomfortable in my own home to not be able to move anything like I used to. And I'm sure it drives him just as crazy to get up and see something has been moved 6 inches after all the measuring and calibrating he did to make it just perfect for where he was sitting. (Altho I still got enhanced sound from my spot too.)
Maybe if he had TOLD me he did all that precision measuring and calibrating, I would have understood WHY he didn't want anything moved.....or maybe not.....That's what he gets for being sneaky and not explaining seemingly "insignificant" things to me.

I'm sure we'll work thru this latest development. It's yet another marriage adjustment.
And we DO love each other...despite the fact we annoy the CRAP out of each other with little things like this!! Really we do.

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