Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just a TINY Rant..........

Don't get me wrong.....I'm VERY happy to have a job, but today the company I work for put into action a new Payroll system.
My workers and I are a team of 4 members......sometimes 5.

Well, every two weeks our schedule ran as follows....
We work 12 hour shifts each ....A Shift and B Shift.
One week we got 36 hours....the next we got 44 hours. That is IF the 5th person works.
Well, This week we have to go to a new system that now gives us two hours on the 36 hour week....but takes away two hours of our OT from the 44 Hour week. This affects ONLY me and the other Night shift guy on the other shift....the day guys still get ALL their overtime pay and nothing is taken away from them.
Doesn't that seem a bit screwed up to you?
Well, it does to us. we don't even get a Night shift differential in our pay as it is, and now we are getting paid LESS because we work this night shift.

This kinda blows.
Okay Rant over. That wasn't too bad was it?


Michael Dodd said...

I worked one summer (in college days, when dinosaurs roamed the earth) as a security officer at a prison in Texas. The schedule was the most screwed up thing I ever saw, and over the course of three months, the system changed four times. I wound up working way too many days without a break and, because it was a salary, I got no overtime or extra hours of pay. Must be something about the profession!

d e v a n said...

That blows a LOT actually. Not fair!

Terry Chandler said...

That is rotten! You should be getting MORE due to working night shift IMHO!