Saturday, November 07, 2009

Settling In.........

I decided to clean the Living room tonight after Paul went to bed...Really deep clean...Moving all the furniture, vacuuming, wiping down the walls, dusting the picture frames, polishing all the furniture and wiping down all the leather. I even cleared away most of the bric-a-brac from the shelves. Well, a lot of that was because the holidays are coming up and I figured why have to do that in a couple/three weeks when I can just go ahead and do it now while I'm in the mood.
Holy cow.......I had no idea how bad my house had gotten this past few months while I was in this depression.

I think my new meds may be working now tho.

I actually wanted to go for a ride this afternoon when I got home from work and the grocery shopping. Paul and I went out to Zaxbys and got a bite and had an Al Fresco lunch .....and then we headed out of town to Flat Rock, about fifty miles away....just to get out and DO something. We stopped at the Blue Ridge Mall and went window shopping. They already had some of their Christmas decorations up, and it was great walking around and NOT be working while I was doing it. Seeing what Paul was most interested in just made my day. We walked around and held hands and laughed and pointed out things we would love to be able to get for various people we know.
It was a lovely, carefree, autumn afternoon and I couldn't have asked for anything sweeter than spending some quiet, quality time with the love of my life.


Sunny said...

Yeah- well it's after two AM and I'm still at it. Not that it's been THAT bad- but it seems I overestimated my recovery progress from the recent flu by just a bit.......I worked quite steadily for about two hours- and from that point on it was work 30 minutes, rest 30 minutes.......repeat several times....but I'm in the home stretch now......Paul is sleeping so I'll save the vacuuming for tomorrow.
It's been a long, lovely, relaxing, yet productive, day!!!!

Evan 08 said...

Two happy posts in a row. Cool!