Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Acupunture- Not For The Squeamish.

OMG- I hurt my lower left back last Wednesday and finally gave in and went to the doc's today. Well, my regular doctor wasn't on duty, so I had to see his associate. Yeaaaahhhhh.....so I went in- talked with him- and he said he wanted to do acupuncture on my back. Okaaaaaayyyyy...I'm open to new ideas. So I agreed.......(I am so flipping stupid sometimes.)
I swear- he got me on the table, and started pressing on my back finding JUST the right spot... So he could torture me.
I don't LIKE needles anyway- but I can deal with them now as long as I don't have to see them sliding into the skin. Especially on me.
So it felt like he was using a high powered nail gun to stab them into my back in the most sensitive spots that were hurting like crap already. That's when I began sweating bricks. I'm not kidding- it was POURING off my face and I was crying when he finished.
Then he told me the good news.........seems it may take "several days" before the pain s-l-o-w-l-y recedes. Uh. Huh.
I got up- even more slowly than I got up on the table to begin with, and told him that procedure was designed solely for the purpose of torturing you so you COMPLETELY forgot about the original pain and I would NOT be having it again.
He laughed, no doubt thinking I was joking.
Let me assure you now I most CERTAINLY was NOT- in any way, shape, or form.
Then he proceeded to write me out three prescriptions...one for pain relief, one muscle relaxer, and finally, a sedative so I can finally get some sleep. (I haven't slept much since it happened because I can't lie on my left side- nor can I lie flat on my back- and after an hour of being on my right side, IT starts throbbing as well.) Thank GOD for small miracles. I took the pain reliever and the muscle relaxer when I got home- and they HAVE taken the edge off the pain- but it's still there. I can deal with it dulled a bit tho.
I think I'll be requesting Doc Edwards next time. Doc Jekyll wasn't exactly my "cup of tea"....but thank you anyway.

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