Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Want To Play A Game?" (a la JOSHUA in the movie "WARGAMES".

Well, a few days ago, my darling hubby was playing a game on the computer when I sat down next to him....and for the next couple of hours I was absolutely and totally engrossed in just WATCHING. So, seeing how interested I was, he showed me how to set up my own little world so I could play too.
And so began my creating on MINECRAFT. It's very LEGGO-esque, but that's part of the beauty of it. Hubby plays with the monsters turned on so he gets to fight them when they come out at night to survive...but I have mine set to PEACEFUL so there are no monsters(per se) to fight. I'm just not that into fighting games. But I do have some things in my peaceful world that have gotten me killed. Like there are wolves(that I thought were dogs) and when I tried to feed it an egg- it attacked me and almost killed my little man. I also have managed to drown myself once by walking underwater trying to get to an island and I also fell into a underground river and was swept into a river of lava. And then somehow I managed to set myself on fire trying to mine around a lava flow(but I managed to put myself out that time) and then finally I fell into my lava pit in my castle court-yard, too. You can also die from falling off cliffs or if sand or gravel fall on top of you while mining.
The best part of this game for me- is the creating and building. You mine all sorts of rocks, and get all sorts or metals and minerals and such and can craft tools and furniture and build all sorts of houses and castles and buildings. In the more advanced stages of the game you can make things like watermills and mechanisms like that too.....needless to say, I haven't reached that level yet. But I have a HUGE cobblestone castle on a cliff with a courtyard, I have the peasant huts, a livestock area fenced off(yes- you get to craft the fences too), I have a beach house, a big log house, and several "safe" houses so if I decide to turn the monsters "ON" I have a safe place to be when it gets dark without having to build. AND there are secret dungeons you can find that hold treasure chests for you to rummage thru.
I forget what Paul called it- but it has a feature where the farther away from your spawn point you wander- the farther you can sort of creates more distance you can explore....or at least that's how I interpreted what he told me. My mind works funny sometimes. ;-)
Anyway, so I've been playing this game a lot lately......Hubby's got to play a couple times. I've been trying to pace myself and not get all caught up in this one like I did Second Life tho. I don't want another game to take over my life like that and since I really do have an obsessive/addictive personality and I have to monitor it very carefully. I admit I did play non-stop for the first couple of days tho- trying to get the controls in hand so I could play without having to ask hubs how to do something for three weeks because I only played once in a while and forgot how to do all the stuff....again.
But it's a really fun game for me...I love gives me a place I can go and create- and move furniture all I want.....and if I get bored with it- I can turn on the monsters(which sound REALLY scary so if I do that- I'll be playing with the sound OFF!!!!). The only thing I would change about it if I could is I would REALLY like to have a GIRL avatar instead of a male one. And as far as I know- the avatars are only male. :-( But that's not bad for things I would change, huh?)
Oh- well, since you may be wondering what kind of monsters there are....there are Skeletons, SUPER HUGE Spiders, Creepers, and ZOMBIES!!!!!
And there's a NetherWorld you can go to if you find the right stuff to make a portal with- and man is THAT a flipping scary place!!!!!!! I haven't explored there much cause there's a LOT of fire and lava there- and with MY history with the lava.......
I mean.... I like it warm- but not THAT warm!!!!! ;-)

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