Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Changing It Up....

Yeah- I got bored with the format of the blog and decided to change it up a bit. I added a "List" widget to it, mainly. Every time I talk with anyone back home- one of the most frequently asked questions is..."What ya having for Dinner?"

First of all- Dinner is called "Tea" over here altho we RARELY have tea with it- especially not what MY friends and family think of as tea(except for Jennie R- she frequently drinks a cup of tea hot).

So I decided I would add the List widget and put what's for dinner (I mean "tea") up every day for everyone.

I also added the most popular posts widget on. Altho I can't for the life of me figure out HOW they figure out which ones are "favorites". I would assume that it's the ones that have had a combination of the most comments AND the most viewed ones. But it must be something other than that because some of the "most popular"s that are up have no comments!!! Go figure.

Is there anything else y'all would like to see on a daily basis?


Evan 08 said...

What exactly is "toad in the hole?"

Sunny said...

Link Sausages fried and then baked inside a Yorkshire pudding. served with gravy. YUMMMMMM