Friday, June 17, 2011

Thank God.

Sooooo..... The past couple of weeks have been pretty quiet. Thank God.

I have got to get a job. Still looking. I also need to start driving as soon as I get a job. Things are leveling out a bit. Hubby is recovering from his surgery nicely. Thank God.

Occasionally I do dinner- trying to get used to cooking on a gas stove again...tonight is one of those nights and I'm doing Cottage Pie- A version of Shepard's Pie but instead of lamb, I use Ground beef in brown gravy with a diced carrot and onion layered with mashed potatoes and topped with cheese. I'm also making my mama's green beans. Paul LOVES those and Joan has told me Glenn likes them too. They aren't really Joan's favorite veg- but I'm hoping I can change her mind about them by doing them the way my mama does them. It's the ONLY way I like Green beans. I don't even like Green Bean Casserole- which is an American holiday favorite. When it comes to stoves- my ideal(and I WILL have this someday) is a Gas cook-top with a double Electric oven.

Anyway- I am getting used to it over here.
Thank God.

I also have found a catalog with boots that will fit me. Thank God.

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Seacat said...

Hey. Green beans are not my fav either, but if you have a recipe that makes them delish, I'd love to try it. If you don't mind sharing, that is!