Sunday, July 03, 2011

Our Trip To Warrington!!!

Friday we went to the city of Warrington to spend the evening with our friends, Anthony and Carlie.(I wanted to get a photo of them and Ant's little girl Maisey, but it completely slipped my mind til we were back home-so next time we go I'll be sure to do it at the BEGINNING of the visit!!) We had a lovely dinner of Roast veggies(bell peppers, new potatoes, garlic, red pearl onions, carrots and celery-OMG They were AWESOME!!!!!), bacon wrapped stuffed Chicken breasts, and dinner rolls. We drank a couple bottle of wine with dinner, too. We talked for hours, played Dance Central for a while, and just had a BLAST before finally "hitting the hay" at around 1:30am!!! They were awesome hosts and it was a wonderful creating some new memories.
The next day, while Carlie was at her hair appointment- Ant took us on a tour of Warrington to show us around.The photo above is of the Towne Centre. A lovely fountain in the middle of the square and those unusual lamps all around it!!

This photo is of the pavilion just off the Towne Centre...They have ice skating in it in the winter-time- about the same size- or maybe a tad bigger than the Pavilion at the Peace Center in Greenville. They were doing a Disabilities Awareness Event there yesterday and a big crowd of people.

This is a Letter Box in England......kinda looks like an over-sized Fire Hydrant, doesn't it???

This is a quick snapshot of one of the stalls in the Open Air Market. They do have them over here...and you can buy everything from candy to carpets to veggies to clothes there. I LOVE them!!!

My gorgeous Hubby as we're walking around. I love seeing him so relaxed!!!

Maisey beside the Golden Gates in front of the Stately Home. I took a photo of the Stately Home too- but it didn't show up for some reason. LOL. It was VERY pretty tho.

Another shot of the Golden Gates....with a BIT more detail. Looks kinda Asian influenced to me.

Of course, the obligatory photos of the Red Telephone Boxes!!!!! believe it or not- they are fast disappearing here in England and being replaced with the ugly standing pole type ones. Such a pity!!!!!

You're looking at brick that is HUNDREDS of years old here. There is the most amazing architecture here in the UK......but be warned- the locals get a mite miffed if you say their town and homes are "quaint". It's considered to be a bit condescending. Beautiful, lovely, interesting...all true and MUCH better ways to describe it to them....altho I still LOVE Quaint and use it to myself and y'all!! ;-)

Also some architecture and quaint buildings in Warrington on a side street.

Notice the unusual wood and wrought iron bench in the square. and the cobblestone pavers.
Just Beautiful!!!!!!!!

A wide view of the Golden Gates.

So that was our tour for today.
Honestly- I definitely could see us/myself living in Warrington.....It's a lovely city- about the size of Downtown Greenville Proper...from the old library to Stone Avenue to 385 to the corner of 123/124/Academy Street. Everything is within easy walking distance- including the Bus station and the Train station. I think my job hunt will switch gears to closer to the Warrington Area!!!!!

Anyway...It was great fun and I enjoyed the entire experience IMMENSELY!!!!!! Hope y'all enjoyed the tour as much as I did!!!!


Odie Langley said...

Great tour Sunny and seems you have found a spot that clicks for you. Go for it girl and hopefully it will be the thing that makes it fulfilling for you as you make your home there.

Phan Triều said...

So nice !!!!
hoa sat cua so