Monday, July 11, 2011

All That Jazz......

Well, I'm a bit more optimistic today.

Altho I haven't heard anything from the positions I've applied for-YET....I'm certain I/we will soon.

I've added a new blogger to my Sunny Says Bloglist- her names Jazmine and you can find her blog here. She hasn't written but a few posts- but I like her stuff. Check her out if you have a minute- (or 30 as I did once I got there).

Otherwise- I'm working on my book some more this week- (Hunters Revenge). I'm also adding some recipes to my cookbook too. I'm finding recipes I like- but having to tweak them a wee bit to my taste.

I KNOW y'all don't wanna hear it- but Christmas is only 167 days away!!! I have GOT to find a job so I can get started on my shopping!! It's going to be a HORRIBLE Christmas if I don't get to get Christmas gifts for the family.

OMG- speaking of....That's one job I could NEVER have- working as a postman. It would be bad enough to deliver packages without opening them up-(I'm HUGELY bad about opening Christmas packages and seeing what's in the box and the re-wrapping them and no one being the wiser-I'm a flipping PRO at it now)....let alone having to deliver them and NEVER being able to know what was IN them!!!

The weather here is absolutely beautiful this weekend and week. balmy breezes- warm sunshine- occasional showers in the evenings...sounds like a late spring day in South Carolina to me!!!

I got to talk with my mom, baby sister, baby brother, and my daughter last night on SKYPE. It was the first time in like-5 WEEKS I had gotten to talk with my Baby Girl. But now- after talking with everyone for an hour- I feel sooooooo much better. Being thousands of miles away isn't easy. I don't know how my hubby did it for 7 years with only two visits from his parents over that time. I suppose I'll find out tho....I'm expecting to be bale to visit my family about every other year too.

So- That's it for me for now.....
Y'all have a great day!!!


Odie Langley said...

So glad you had that awesome time with your folks on Skype. Maybe that will hold you for a while. Hope the job hunt gets more promising.

Sunny said...

Thanks Odie!!!!

Jazmine Melissa said...

Nice post...and thanks for all of yours! Sorry that you're feeling homesick...I can't even imagine leaving my family at a time like this.

And thanks for mentioning my blog! [=