Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kitchen Disasters & Small Miracles.

Okay, so today, I took the pans out of the oven before turning it on to make mine & Paul's dinner...(Tea). Well, I didn't realize it at the time- but the glass lid to the big skillet had slid down the back of the oven- and was standing sideways right against where the open flame is...(we have a gas oven & cooker). So after about 3 minutes- it doesn't take long for the oven to heat up because it IS a gas oven- I opened the door and tried to put the pan with the oven fries in it. The pan wouldn't go in- so I got on my knees and looked back there- and saw the glass lid wedged in the back of the oven.
Well, thinking it hadn't been in there long enough to get too hot- I got a potholder and got it out-AFTER I turned the oven off, of course. There was a bit of a white spot on it but the black plastic lid handle on it wasn't smoking or melted even a little bit and so I put it on top of the skillet it belongs on to cool off. Then I turned the oven back on and put the oven fries in the oven to bake while I started the Hamburger patties on the cooker for supper.

The burger patties had been on cooking for about two minutes- and I went to the cooker to flip them to brown on the other side and JUST as I turned away from the cooker and took ONE step away- the glass skillet lid that had been in the oven EXPLODED and sent thousands of tiny glass shards all over the kitchen!!!!!

I was stunned- thinking the cooker had exploded. But I realized after a few seconds that it wasn't THAT bad- and I was alive and except for glass all over my hair and clothes and the kitchen, I was okay and the house wasn't broken. Except for the glass lid.

Paul was upstairs working on the computer with the headset on and didn't hear it- thank God.....if he had, he probably would have either broken his leg coming down the stairs or something equally bad.

I went out side- shook the glass out of my hair and flipped it off my clothes- then went upstairs to tell Paul what had happened. After making sure I was okay, he came down to see the damage and offered to help me clean it up- but I told Him I had it under control. I had to start dinner over- the meat anyway, and spent the next hour cleaning the glass from the surfaces of the kitchen... counters, floors, the cooker, the cabinet doors, that glass dust was EVERYWHERE.

God bless him- I love my I just have to face my mother-in-law and tell her I ruined her pan- the one she always uses to make her world famous Paella. Well, not the actual PAN- but the lid for it. Knowing what a sweet woman she is- she will be more concerned about us and the dogs and the house not being blown up than the pan lid- but that's neither here nor there.....I still screwed up. And I WILL replace the pan as soon as I get working.

*Note to self*- if this situation EVER arises again (GOD FORBID) turn the oven off and leave the pan/lid/whatever INSIDE the oven to cool off S-L-O-W-L-Y.

And Thank you, my Guardian Angel, for sitting on my shoulder today. A face full of glass shards would NOT have been fun today- or any day for that matter.

Thank God for small miracles.

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Andrea @ Strawberry Chic said...

Oh my goodness that sounds SO SCARY! I'm glad your alright! I never even knew that could happen, thanks for the heads up!