Thursday, June 29, 2006

Raining Cats and Dogs!!!!!

Paulius has told you of our new zoo status.

Things just keep getting more and more bizzare.

Malibu, our Maine Coon Cat, went to live with my son when he moved out. However, the past couple days she has been back on our porch and running in the house every time the door is opened.

Mama Kitty(also known as Princess) has begun sneaking out to hunt-at least I HOPE it's to hunt- I refuse to adopt anymore stray kittens.
I am at my limit now.
Okay, anyway,so Malibu was mine but when Paulius came over and we got married she got a bad case of jealousies. Then we tried to adopt Cody, a Golden retiever mix, who belonged to my youngest son and then Malibu decided to be an outside kitty and no amount of cajoling could get her near us. Then Cody left and went back to live with my son again. He's very happy there. Then same son had a stray mom cat adopt them and had several litters of babies. He gave us the one remaining baby kitty and thus Padme was ours.
Then that cute little puppy wandered onto our porch and nobody claimed him so we adopted the little ball of fluff. Now he's a big galub- and a clumsy one at that who is as red as the day is long. Still has those cute puppy-dog eyes tho that can melt your heart. then Mama Kitty-Princess shows up and we did a pretty good job of ignoring her until she dropped the load of babies on our porch.
Paulius is one of the most tender-hearted people I have ever met when it comes to animals. Never mind that those animals are OUTSIDE animals and for hundreds of generations have fended for themselves in the outdoors- these particular kittens were born on our porch and he feels responsible for them.
Okay. Fair enough. I understand.
They're cute and cuddly and I enjoy having them and Paulius being happy. It's the least I can do considering he moved 3,857 miles to be with me and had to leave his Border Collie, Jake, behind.

I swear, tho, the next animal we get is going to be another Miniture Daschund for ME.
I had one but had to find a home for him when I moved into a building that wouldn't allow pets. Plus I was working 12 hour shifts at the PD and sleeping the rest of what I wasn't working or traveling back and forth to work and it wasn't fair to Rudy to never have any attention from me except for Big hellos and frantic goodbyes when i came home from work and left for work, not to mention the daily feeding and weekly bath times on my occasional day off. I loved him too much for that and so found a home with a family that had a little girl that seemed to love him as much as I did.
I still miss my Rudolph Valentino Jar-Jar Binks. And when we are able- I want another. Another won't replace him, but I hope to love this one as much as I did Rudy.

The baby kitten - who Paulius has named "Scratch-Fury" is as cute as can be. He's about twice the size now that he was in the pic Paulius posted on his blog a week or so ago- only now he looks like he's swallowed a golf ball...almost a tennis ball. He is eating all the time if his mom is in with him. He can't stand- hell, he can't even crawl because his belly is so big. I told Paulius we should have named him Elvis-TLY(The Later Years). Or Crisco(Lard-butt).

Oh well.
More animal updates Later.......

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's Too Hot.

I'm Melllllllllllllting.............

It's Too Hot.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

That 70's Show....

*** WARNING- The following post is a serious downer. It's a bitch post, so if you're not in the mood to read one or you're in a good mood and you want to STAY in a good mood- don't read any farther. However, if you think hearing me bitch about a load of crappy stuff going on in my life will make you feel better about the way things are going in YOUR life- Read on!!!!
Just Remember- I Told You So!!!!*****

My life right now can be described in one quote of Red's from That 70s Show.

"Furious!.... Foots......In ASSES!!!!!!!"

Too much drama in my life right now- AGAIN. Nothing I can do to prevent any of it except bitch and whine and that will just add to the drama.

So, hopefully it will work itself out soon. In the meantime I'm listening to my relaxation tapes I had done a few years ago and had forgotten I had til a couple weeks ago. I've listened to them ALOT this month. It's a good thing I'm trying to quit swearing. Or maybe it's a bad thing because it's a REAL challenge right now. I also wanna throw things.
Or move to another country.

Whichever and I'm not real picky about which.

Next weekend, Paulius and me are going to put out a sign saying "Do NOT Disturb"
And unless we see blood or broken bones we are NOT answering the door. Or the phone. We might make calls out- but will be screening incoming calls- or maybe we won't even do THAT.

I can't wait to get my vacation paycheck. We are going away for a LONG weekend and get away from it all for a few days.

If I last that long before going postal.

Do all families have this problem? Or is it just mine?
Is there things that happen that just GRATE on your nerves in your family?

I'm to the point that I know some of my family members read this blog- but I just don't give a damn -oops, I mean Darn- anymore.

For example....

Okay- if you don't give a damn-(oops I mean hoot) about something and you throw it away- then when someone comes and fixes your thing you didn't give a crap(oops I mean darn) about and you say it's okay they can have it you didn't want it anymore, then you CAN'T come and decide that you have changed your mind and it's yours again.
And it's not a small thing I'm talking about.

You also can't call people a liar and expect people to not be pissed (-oops I mean mad) at you when it's found out they didn't lie. You could make it go a long way tho if you actually apologised.

Don't wear out your welcome. Give a couple some freaking (-oops, I mean dad-gum-) alone time, for Gods sake.

Don't think the world owes you everything when in actuality nobody owes you a DAMN thing.(-Oops- I mean Darn).

How about being happy when someone does a nice thing for you instead of bitching-(oops I mean complaining) that they didn't do MORE.

How about doing something nice for someone else for a change instead of it always being about what you want?
Newsflash !!!!!- The world does NOT revolve around YOU and you ALONE!!! Get over it.

I think maybe that will be all for today...oh, don't get me wrong...there's PLENTY more I could write about, but I really don't want to go any further, not that I'm afraid of pissing anyone off- I think that it's a bit late for worrying about that, don't you? But at this point I really don't care. It's just those are the highlights of my fury and I have to save some for later.

Aren't you glad?

Friday, June 16, 2006

My Favorite Time of The Week

Is Sunday mornings.

I get up make Paulius and myself a nice breakfast with all the trimmings, set the table with our wedding china and make coffee.
We sit down together in our comfy PJs and robes and eat together at the kitchen table and TALK.
We don't have a TV on- don't have the radio on and we usually don't have company.
It's the ONE time of the week when we can be together and not have to share each other with anything else- or anyone else, for that matter. It's US time. We discuss the week past- and we discuss plans for the future. Any things that are bugging us- or any triumphs we may have missed telling each other in the past week are remembered in this quiet time.

I wouldn't trade this time for anything- It's the way I wish it were able to be EVERY morning but, until then, I'll take my Sunday mornings with my husband and treasure them til the next Sunday morning when we can do it all over again.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Contribution To The Recipe Pool

Well, Since everyone else is giving their recipes to us I thought I would share my recipe for the summer.

It's the only real summer thing I "cook" besides Banana Pudding.

Teriaki-Honey Mustard Chicken Ceasar Salad:

*Ceasar Salad Mix
*Teriaki Chicken-(2 teaspoons butter or margerine melted in frying or satue pan. Add enough chicken to make you happy- add 1/2 cup teriaki sauce and cover. Cook until chicken is cooked thru, turning about every 3-4 minutes. Cut chicken into bite sized pieces and set aside to cool)
*Cheese(I prefer extra sharp cheddar finely shredded)
*Honey- Mustard Salad Dressing

1) Put salad mix in large chilled bowl(DON'T add the ceasar dressing to this recipe) and sprinkle a little Romano or Parmasean cheese over the top. Put in fridge in bowl.

2)Cook chicken. When cooled, add to salad mix. Add Honey mustard salad dressing to chicken/salad mix and toss lightly.
Don't add too much dressing at this point.

3)Dish onto salad plates and top with cheese and more dressing if you like it thick.

*You can add tomatoes and cucumbers and onions if you like a garden salad more than ceasar.

BTW- DON'T add the ceasar dressing to this recipe- it's NOT good combined with the honey-mustard dressing.

That's it. It's easier than it reads once you make it once.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

That Reminds Me......

Paulius telling about our dog Buddy and his escapades reminds me of when I was a teen. Buddy seems to be going thru his adolesence right now. He acts just like a teenager, trying things out to see what he can get by with.

He walks past the cat and nips at him just so Padme will retaliate and then he has valid grounds to chase him and wrestle a bit. Just like siblings.
He eats the cats food when he has a whole bowl of his own to eat- and then chases the cat off when he tries to eat the dog-food.Just like siblings with human food...ever see two teen boys and a bag of chips?

Buddy actually TATTLED on the cat day before yesterday when the cat was on the table which is a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE NO-NO in our house. He stood in the hallway and woofed until I came to see what was going on and then he just looked back and forth from me to the table til I looked around the corner and caught the cat doing "the bad thing".

Such a BRAT.You could practically SEE the smirk on Buddy's face when I started yelling at Padme.

You cannot tell me that pets don't understand what we say to them. Buddy has seen me yell at Padme a hundred times about climbing on the kitchen table or counters because I have to wash everything down when he does it. I cannot stand the thought of any animal walking on a surface I cook on or eat at. It's my culinary training, I suppose. A few dishes in the sink doesn't bother me, but No Padme on the kitchen surfaces!! Buddy isn't allowed in the food prep area either and Padme's butt gets chunked out the front door when that happens and Buddy KNOWS this. All he has to do is follow Padme around until he inevitably goes into the kitchen and then he tattles on him. He tattled the other day when Padme was IN the trashbin, too. And Buddy does that himself!

So, Buddy, let me let you in on a little secret I learned when I used to sneak up to chat with friends on the phone after hours when I was a teen....always wait at LEAST 30 minutes after the dominate lifeforms go to bed.

And sit somewhere instead of standing up so when a mouse runs over the top of your foot you don't squeal like a girl and jump up on the counter and get caught and grounded when the parents, I mean dominate lifeforms, come running because your squeal wakes them at 3AM.

Not that that ever happened to me, mind you...I'm just, yeah. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Hump Day.

I'm glad it's the middle of the week.
I can't wait for the weekend. Not that I have anything planned...... just alot of R&R.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Uh Oh....Dr. Jeckel and Ms. Hyde

As you all know, I've been very depressed lately and I had a migraine yesterday and have not quite gotten over it.
But I think the end is near because......... now I want SWEETS!

I want a huge slice of pecan pie.

I want Godivas Dark Belgian Chocolate ice cream.

I want wedding cake with Sugar roses.

I want sweet tea.

I want flavored coffee with lots of rich cream and sugar.

I want pancakes with lemon juice and sugar sprinkled over them.

I want brownies with lots of walnuts in them served up with vanilla ice cream- not the cheap ice cream either- I want BREYERS!!

I want cherry cheesecake.

I want a two pound Hershey bar from the gift shop at The factory.

I want a Snickers ice cream bar.

I want a huge banana split made with all chocolate ice cream from Joes Ice Cream Parlor here on my towns main street.

I want a double double scoop of butter-pecan ice-cream and chocolate ice-cream in a cake cone, alternating flavors please.

I want a gallon of nestles Quik Milk.

I want a huge slice of Dark Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and Dark chocoalte frosting with a double scoop of chocolate ice cream on the top.....and don't forget the cherry....ies.....!

I want ALL that- and I want it NOW.

And NO, I don't want to share so don't even ask.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sink Or Swim.....

Altho I had a couple of leery moments yesterday- I made it thru without a hitch.

First the date came up-06/06/06- making me feel weird to begin with. Then I went shopping and got $6.66 back in change not once but TWICE yesterday. Then just as I pulled into work at two minutes before midnight I glanced at my odometer and it was sitting at 160,666.6!

No joke.

But other than that it was a good day.

I haven't been doing much blogging lately...(Well DUH). I just have been in that blue funk and trying like hell to pull out of it. I have thought a couple times that I had a decent subject line to blog about- but by the time I sat down at the computer it just seemed so stupid that I couldn't bear to try and write it.

I gotta do something to pull out of this depression. Things should be looking up now- Paulius has his work permit and is looking for employment. I have vowed to not work anymore OT in the near future- I am SOOOO burnt out on that. Last time I worked OT-(Friday night for Saturday morning) I was on my feet in a twelve by twelve space for over 7 hours with only a 30 minute break. My back went into spasms and I had to leave early. I was in tears it was hurting so bad. I couldn't walk to clock out and had to have an escort to the parking area to my car.

No more.
I refuse to do it.
I have been working my ass off to help everyone in my family get on their feet and straightened out and it's not appreciated a bit. The more I try and help- the less it helps or the less they help themselves.
So screw it all- Pardon My French.
I refuse-
they're on their own now.

Sink or swim, that's my advice.