Thursday, March 15, 2007



FOOTS!!!!!!..........................................IN ASSES!!!!!!!!!


I've HAD it with the company I "work" for. Apparently they don't realize that because I work FOR them I still have a life OUTSIDE the job-site and have better things to do with MY time than do more "WORK" for them on my time when I'm not getting PAID for it.
It SUCKS and the worst part is I realize I don't have a job lined up and can't just quit. But BELIEVE ME when I say if I had so much as an iota that I could POSITIVILY get a job and be working again within a week or two I would NOT go back there EVER again.
I also realize that this may be the perfect time for a career change- something I am going to look into as soon as I finish venting/ranting here.
I want to be doing something that I LOVE doing- and if I don't LOVE the work I do- at least not DREAD going into work every night like I do now.
I figured it out- and since I began working at this site I have been out due to stress and illness more than in the entirety of my previous work history.
How sad is that?
I also realized recently that due to all this stress I have been saying bad words much more often too, like four in an eight word sentence, and have vowed to make a concentrated and dedicated effort to break that unladylike habit.
I feel like I am being sorely tested. I don't like tests- especially ones I can't pass. And this one is pushing my limits.

I like being in control and I am so out of control of the situation at the moment that I feel like I'm going to lose it soon. VERY soon.

God help me-I gotta get outta that place.......I gotta.

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