Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Wanna Get A Tat

I've been thinking about it for a long time. I want to get one.

My only problem is I'm not sure WHAT I want to get- nor where to put it.
I DO know what I DON'T want tho.

I don't want Tweety, or a Butterfly, or any of the usual girlie, cutesy tats.
I want something unique.
I REALLY would like to get the first picture I ever saw of Paulius put on- maybe my shoulder blade- but I'm not sure about that. I am highly superstitious, and I'm afraid that it would be too much like having a lovers name tatooed on- it would doom the relationship. I know it's stupid- but I'm not sure I wanna take the chance. I just LOVE that pic of him tho- it looks like it should be on the jacket of a book - you know- the authors bio?
Sexy as hell, but I think I know what Pauli would have to say about that as well.

I've been pouring over tat design sites on the web and have saw a few that were nice, but nothing that really reached out and GRABBED my heart. And watching MIAMI INK on TLC at night during my lunch break hasn't helped either- they do some freaking AWESOME work- especially Kat with her portraits. We recently got tattoo parlors here in Carolina and I want to visit some and see some of their work too. If it's gonna be on me for the rest of my life I wont settle for an "OK" tat- it will have to be awesome artistry.

Now, I know some family and friends are going to read this and try to talk me out of it-(been there-done that already) so lemme save you some time and energy and just say...I've THOUGHT about it long and hard and put it off for YEARS to make double-triple sure it's not just a whim- and I'm going to get one regardless. Now if you STILL wanna try and talk me out of it fine- but the answer will still be the same.

Now if you have any suggestions as to what I could get PLEASE offer those suggestions to me.
And also, if you HAVE a tat- or know someone personally who does, tell me where is the most "painless" area to get one put. I KNOW the foot and the underside of the arm are two places I don't want to put them because of the pain-factor, but if you know of any others, lemme know.

Thanks in advance guys. I know I can count on input from y'all!


MC Etcher said...

I've always thought hand tattoos were cool.

These are henna tats, but you could get a real one

Saffyre said...

I have a tattoo on my left shoulder of a unicorn. It's pink and blue and VERY girly!

How about a pair of lips blowing a kiss?
Or a tiger?
Or how about a crunchie bar so you'll always have your fave choccie bar wherever you go!! lol

OzzyC said...

I don't have any ideas on WHAT you should get, but I can say this... you'll know it when you see it. It doesn't have to move your soul per se, but you have to like it. (I've got two and may get a third someday.)

Also, keep it moist when you first get it and don't pick the scabs... let them fall off naturally. Otherwise, you will be picking off some of the color.

If you keep it shaded from the sun (sunscreen, shirts, etc.) the color will not fade as quickly and it will not blur as soon.

rayray said...

A tattoo should be something of personal meaning to you.
For example, my first encompassed two of my interests:music and penguins. (don't judge me).
My next two were 'for my children', having both of their signatures and birth dates.

I agree w/the Oz-man:you'll know it when you see it.

manda said...

Whenever I get a tattoo, I intend on it to be that typical Japanese Kanji, but, mine will say my name in Japanese, my Japanese name, and not on my shoulder or my neck, but rather on my wrists is where I want it.. but it's gonna hurt.. and err yahhhhh