Saturday, March 24, 2007

LOTS of Changes.

Okay........ Well .........
We, around my house, have been getting a bad case of cabin fever.
In the wintertime we don't go out much because- well- it gets bloody cold at night and we are day-sleepers.
In the springtime when we have more daylight hours, there is so much pollen out that we can't breathe for gagging and coughing and sneezing.
Summers are so hot that if you go out in the sun you risk sunstroke, and is impossible to stay out for any length of time unless you have a pool to lounge by or can visit the lake or river when you go out.
Autumn is the ONLY season that is somewhat comfortable for us to actually live like normal people do.

So, in order to try and aleve the cabin fever syndrome- I have decided to change my blog a bit- and parts of my life as well.

You can see the obvious change to my blog- and I KNOW it's not nearly as"polished and formal" as the other one was- but I needed the change- something upbeat and light and fun. I also am changing the way i blog a bit too- so if you don't wanna hear a rant- don't read it on Mondays.
Wednesdays will be reserved for family stories(and those include funny stuff Paulius and the pets do as well). Fridays I am calling Sweetest Moments-sort of a easing into a sweet calm weekend. And Sundays are going to be for my friends who wanna keep up with my dieting progress. The days in between will be for whatever oddities I think of or find that I think you guys might find amusing.
Notice I did NOT have a specific day for a WOMEN/BAD DRIVERS post.
You're welcome.

Oh and before I forget- I saw a pic of one of my dearest friends in the internet world- and she is lovely! She has been losing weight steadily for the past year and is making wonderful progress.
WTG Girl!!!

As for MY lifestyle....I am going to get a basketball stand and goal again.
I used to LOVE shooting hoops in the evening hours no matter what time of year it was-. Even in the summer it was usually cooling off enough in the evening hours that I didn't risk sunstroke shooting a few hoops for an hour or so.
In the autumn it was just always a viable thing to do- and in the winter it warmed you up a bit and got you out of the house for a while- I didn't get Cabin Fever nearly so much then.

Spring still gave me fits because of the pollen- but I have a feeling that if I get out IN the pollen a bit- my body may have a chance to build up a bit of an immunity to the stuff. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

I had an incident over the week as well that has me pulling my hair out, but I have done some research this morning and have several ideas of how to "fix" the situation. If these things don't work I have a docs appointment next month and I will address the problem with her. Okay, it's not something I like to talk about(Southern Belles don't admit to doing this type thing) but I will because i need suggestions from you guys- if you have anything you can offer other than what i am gonna do already.

Paulius says I snore. There- I said it.

And whats more- I totally believe him(altho I have told him repeatedly that I do NOT snore because I stayed awake to see if I did and I TOTALLY DID NOT SNORE!).
I have woken up in the mornings feeling exhausted. I have woken up with a headache from hell- and I can say it is most probably from lack of proper amounts of oxygen from snoring because my brother tied to choke me when we were teens and how I feel some days when I wake up is EXACTLY like how I felt just before I started blacking out when "brother dearest" had his hands around my throat.

I'm irritable most of the time, and the sound drives Pauli up the wall.
I am raising the head of our bed 4 inches as recommended, I have nasal strips to use and
I am losing weight.

Anything other than that you guys can offer?

No news on any job changes yet. I am still looking, altho I just received a bit of a raise last week. Or I THINK I did.
I was told that I would be getting a dollar an hour raise- retro-active for the whole last pay period. I didn't get it when my paycheck came in on Tuesday. And now I find out that it wasn't actually a dollar raise- it was just to bring me up to a certain point in the payscale- so for me that would amount to about 55cents an hour.
I spoke with the payroll department about the situation- and was assured it would be rectified this week- we will see.
To be honest- I have no faith in this at all anymore. There's a reason it's called being rec-ti-fied.

Co-incidence? I think NOT.

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topcat said...

Hi Sunny,
I love the new look for the page. The photos are terrific!
The snoring/sleep disturbance situation you are describing sounds a lot like sleep apnea to me. You really shoud discuss it with your doctor hon.