Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Okay- Okay......

Due to popular demand I will be posting the color version of Lil' Saint Nick...um.... later- I was going to do it now but have found out it will have to be downloaded from our digital cam first and that's something I don't know how to do.....so.........Paulius, Sweetie?????

Okay, one quick thing..........SC is considering a law that requires any female having an abortion to have an ultrasound done at the clinic first to see the fetus before-hand- and a one hour waiting period before she goes thru with the procedure.

I don't personally believe in abortion -I don't think I could ever go thru with it, but I do believe a woman has the right to have one if she has considered it carefully and it's best for her in her particular situation. I don't see that being required to view an ultrasound of the fetus would be as damaging to a woman considering an abortion like some are claiming.



marie said...

i think they're just trying to make the baby seem more "real" to the woman. It would be easier to have the abortion if in her mind its just a "problem" that she can get rid of, seeing it as a baby would in theory i guess make a bond with it and make the decision harder to make. although personally i couldnt ever do that anyways, and i really think it should be outlawed. Its good that they're trying to make women think carefully about the choice they are making.

OzzyC said...

I think abortions are wrong, so you can't have one.

I think cigarette smoking is wrong, so you can't do it.

I think seatbelts are good, so you must wear them.

I think spanking is wrong, so you can't do it.

I think helmets are good, so you must wear one.

I think marijuana is bad, so you cannot use it.

Thank you, big brother. Thank you for protecting me from making my own decisions. Thank you for imposing your will on me. Thank you, big brother, because we all know that individuality is wrong, and that bureaucrats who live hundreds or thousands of miles away from us, and who have never met us, know better what we want and need... they know better than we do ourselves.

Saffyre said...

I disagree with this law.
I have been in a sutuation where I had to make this choice and it was truly a horrendous decision to make. I cried and cried over it, without seeing an ultrasound. It was heartbreaking, but I made a decision that I have to live with.

If I had to have seen the ultrasound I know my deision would have been the same because I made it for the right reasons BUT, it would have made it harder for me to sleep, and wouldn't have achieved anything other than to exert mental blackmail on me.

I am pro choice. It's a womans right to choose what she does or does not do with her own body.

Perhaps ofering the choice to view an ultrasound as part of the decision making process would be a good idea, but not inflicting it on someone who already has an incredibly hard decision to make and doesn't need the added pressure and guilt.

(rant over)

mistyforeverlost said...

I'm not really seeing the point to be honest. If any thinks being strapped down to an abortion table is easy and done without much thought for *most* women....then they need to go visit the tears, the thoughts and emotions that go on before hand and afterwards.

I like how Saffrye phrased it "emotional blackmail"

rant over (for now, that just really bothered me, I might have to blog about it tomorrow)

Sunny said...

True- but you also have no idea the number of women who REPEATEDLY get pregnant and view abortions as a quick fix to a problem they created to begin with.
I work at a healthcare facility and see many females both young and older who view abortions in this way-"Oh I don't worry bout getting pregnant- I can just go get a quick abortion"..I KNOW there are valid reasons for getting an abortion- and I respect the women's decisions who decide that it's in their best interests to get one for those various VALID reasons- its just the ones who treat it with such a carefree/cavalier vision that need a reality check.

Just my opinion.

amanda said...

1. I am pro-life, but I may begin to be pro-choice. I myself believe it is completely wrong to be pro-life. And no matter what happens, if I find out I'm pregnant-knock on wood that I'm not-.. I wouldn't. I'd give that child the opportunity to live because I know that that's the opportunity I had.

2. In this day, so many people are irresponsible and selfish, that I think some kids would be better off if they were aborted.

3. I know this chick who got pregnant and her parents made her get an abortion... three times....

mistyforeverlost said...

Yeah, I know Sunny...but that's like making the masses suffer because the idiots stand out way more then the smart ones. Personally, I would prefer some sort of law passed that keeps track of these abortions nationwide in a database...where am I going with this? Not sure, but I'm guessing the information could be useful.

In any case, I still view this as emotional blackmail.