Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting Started....

I've been MIA for a few days now. Mainly from myself, but almost from everyone.
This is becoming a really hard time of year for me. With The holidays and Clays Birthday and my parents anniversary all falling in December but this year it's all hitting me EXTREMELY hard and there are even some added family complications this year as well.

I bought our Christmas tree(a fresh cut one- just like I promised Clay in our last conversation) and got it up on his birthday, but it's sat there all weekend and not gotten decorated. But tonight Paul and I are planning on decorating it together.
We've done it together once before, and we've done it separately a couple years- and for the past couple years Paul has let me have free rein in doing it however I like- which is-to him- well OVERDONE with way too many ornaments and lights.(Is there such a thing???)
But this year I especially feel the need of my husband by my side and he is here for me, holding my hand and my heart for safekeeping.

I think I need more of that. I'm tired of trying to be Superwoman/Supermom and trying to do it all on my own with no help from anyone. I realize I can't be the "Fixer" anymore. My husband has been my defender, my rock, and has let me know in no uncertain terms that no matter what- he loves me, is standing by me and will be here for me.

So tonight we are decorating what I am feeling is really our first Christmas Tree together.

He let me decide the theme- so I decided to do a tree I've never done before. A red, white and silver tree.
I guess I'll be using a Santa Hat for a Tree topper this year since I still haven't found a tree topper I love yet. Besides, our tree has an odd top this year and a tree topper wouldn't work anyway. Totally unlike me as well, I chose a 5 and a half foot tree instead of a monster like i usually pick.
This afternoon I dug out all my plain red and silver ornaments and then I decided they were just a bit TOO plain. So I got out my clear nail enamel and my snow glitter and a plastic bag. I poured the glitter into the plastic zip-lock bag and then brushed a thin coat of nail polish onto the tip or sides, or edges of the ornaments, then dropped them into the glitter bag , closed it up, and shook it so the glitter stuck to the damp nail polish..... (I was gonna use a glue stick but mine had dried up so I had to make do with what I had).....Then, I opened the bag, shook the excess glitter off the ornaments and laid them to the side to dry. They look frosted like the really expensive ones you buy at a specialty shop but for LOADS less money. Basically, I already had all the stuff here, but had I had to buy it all new it would have cost less than ten dollars. No joke.

I think next year- I'll get the girls together and maybe some of the grand-kids and us do a bunch of these ornaments together. It'll be making some new memories!
I need some new GOOD memories........As a matter of fact, I think I'll go get started on that right now!!

Happy Holidays, Y'all!!!!


Evan 08 said...

Hugs for Sunny.

A Santa hat for the tree topper... cool idea.

Michael Dodd said...

Hope it fills you with light. Tom watched too many Martha Stewart episodes and has gone wild with Christmas wrapping. It started as a joke to poke fun, but now the packages are starting to look pretty classy. I'll have to take a picture to post before they get ripped apart when the family arrive.

Red, white and silver sounds cool.

Tami said...

Looking forward to seeing your tree. Red and white and silver sounds perfect. I hope you had a wonderful time decorating the tree for the "first time." Happy Holidays!