Friday, December 18, 2009

Not Quite My Plan, but...........

Well, I came in from work, fully intending to rest a bit and then go grocery shopping before our nasty weather arrived!

Unfortunately, my body had other plans. I fell asleep on the sofa and when Paul woke me to tell me it was time for the market to open, I knew if I tried to drive I would fall asleep at the wheel. So we went to bed and I slept til after noon. I woke up and the freezing rain had already started, so I jumped up, threw on my clothes and headed off to do the shopping, letting my sweet hubby stay in the nice warm bed.
I went to the market, got everything we needed and then realized I had a few dollars left over, so I finished the little bit of shopping I had left to do.
That's not to say I got all the shopping done I WANTED to do- but I have one gift for all the kids and grandsons and one for my mom. I already had Paul's done. Again, not what I had planned on doing, but he'll have something under the tree Christmas Morning. Besides- we already HAVE our Chrismas gift to each other.....remember- we put in the money we were planning on spending on each other and added it to the generous Christmas and Birthday cash Paul's parents sent us and bought our new TV which was something we had been drooling over for almost two years now but figured we wouldn't be able to acquire for at least another year.
Speaking of which- I'm RUINED for LIFE now because of them and that new TV. I watch TV at work during my lunch break and it's not HD.........geeze, it's like watching TV with vaseline smeared on your glasses!!! Not hardly worth the effort!!
So as you can see- I really AM enjoying our Christmas gift this year!!!
Thank You Parents and Hubby!!!

So the tree is decorated, and the gifts bought- and almost everything is wrapped......I have the food for the Christmas Eve get-together bought and ready for preparing. All I have to do is the cleaning and last minute details. Yay me. It would be soooo nice to have a fireplace right now!! *sigh*

Maybe when Paul wakes up- if the weather isn't too bad- we might go out for a quiet holiday drive together....get us both out of the house for a while!!
That would be really nice.

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