Friday, December 25, 2009


Just a couple/three pics of the family at Christmas.

I was so afraid that this Christmas was going to be a bust.
So much going on lately and most of it not good.

..........................................Happily, I was wrong.

Our Christmas Eve Family Get together was absolutely awesome!! Everyone didn't get to make it, but it was still a wonderful get-together for those who were able to get there.

It was very laid back and relaxed, with lots of love and happiness abounding. We laughed, we shared memories- and we made new ones. A you can see from the pics- we are a very Gadget oriented family- everyone except me and the kids had their camera or phone or in some cases BOTH taking as many pics as possible!! It was great!!

Santa came Christmas Eve night and this morning, Paul and I woke up, opened prezzies and ate a quiet calm breakfast together. Then I napped a couple hours while Paul played the new Xbox game Santa brought him.

Then I woke up, and cooked the T-Bone steaks I had bought for us, along with mashed potatoes and gravy and rolls....... and a bit of the leftover Broccoli casserole Paul had made for the Eve-do. He made it from KBs recipe with a couple of adjustments and I have to say it's the best Broccoli casserole I have EVER put in my mouth! Excellent!!

Anyway, I'm working tonight, so as you can see- I'm trying to keep myself busy. Usually we have quite a few people here, but everyone is gone for the holiday weekend and there's a whole lot of nothing to do when there's no one here but me. Easy weekend for me with my duties so light- but a lonely one as well.

I've said a few prayers recently and asked for quite a few more from friends and family and most of my prayers have been answered.

It seems Christmas Miracles really DO still come true!
I am Blessed.


Michael Dodd said...

Glad you had a happy day. The Christmas movies Tom's kids (my stepkids?) wanted to watch were Public Enemies, NASCAR wrecks and bits and pieces of Star Wars movies on TV to fill in the gaps. Who says it's a wonderful life?

Sunny said...

I know- right? I had it all planned that we would have the TV set on AmbientTV with the yule-log burning on there.
Nope- no Fireplace available on there that night!
So the grown-ups kept putting it on some movie that a lot of EFF-words going on and I kept switching it back to something Christmas-themed because the kids and my MOM was there. Geeze- have a bit of common sense.
But I WON! And it was a wonderful night!!