Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Holy Cow!!! It Doesn't Happen Often, So I Had To Brag On Them!!!

Okay- that was just dang scary.

Paul and I went and got a couple pics made today and then went to the local body shop to get an estimate for getting my car fixed. We went in and after a few minutes wait- the guy came out and surveyed the damages, listing what was needed. About 10 minutes later we came out the door, estimate in hand.
We came home- got the fax number and headed down to the nearest business that has fax services available to the public. The lady put it in the fax....and we waited.....and waited....and waited.....and waited some more. But it wouldn't send. So I called the insurance claims adjuster and double checked I had the number was right-I did- and that their fax machine wasn't broken- it wasn't...so we tried again. And still nothing.
Eventually, we gave up and just decided to bring it to the office ourselves since we weren't that far away. So we called them up and got directions to the office and took it over there. It was a short 15 minute ride that we enjoyed thoroughly.
Once we got there, I handed the papers to the receptionist and told her it was an estimate for Daniel- and could she please make me a copy of it. She said "Sure!!" and she bopped away to the back. Two minutes later- she was back, copy in hand, handed it to us and said, "Daniel will be right with you."
I kinda looked at Paul, because we only stopped to drop the papers off, thinking "Oh crap-this is where he (Daniel) looks over the estimate and comes out and says- "I'm sorry, Mrs. Malone- we have to reject this claim due to.....(insert random BS here).' " That's typically how it goes with the insurance companies I have had dealings with in the past........BUT-
In actuality, we sat there-or in Paul's case paced-for about 10 minutes and then "Daniel" came out and handed the receptionist an envelope and she came to the door and handed it to us, smiling, and said, "Y'all have a great day!!"
Paul and I opened the envelope and it held a check for the full amount of the estimate.
No rejections, No questions, No BS.
Just "Thank You and Have A Nice Day."....

Now THAT'S Service with a SMILE!!!
Take Heed people- that's how it SHOULD be done!!!

I'm sitting here now, tho, thinking "Okay- when am I gonna wake up and this all be a freaking DREAM?????????"
Things NEVER go this smoothly for us.
But I'm glad it did this time!!!!

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