Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SO Much Better.....

Well, I slept like a stone last night, and today my ears haven't bothered me a BIT!!! Hopefully the prescriptions I got at the doctors office will do the trick. The NP there seemd to think maybe it was allergies instead of an ear infection like I thought it might be.
Maybe she wasn't quite as dang dingy as she appeared to be.
She still freaked me out tho.
The tablets she prescribed for me.....OMeffingGosh.........I definitely need to take THOSE little babies before going to bed...I had put the ointment in my ears and taken one of the tablets when we first came in from the doctors visit-(I was DESPERATE for some kind of relief from the itching and since it was after 6PM I figured it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and take it then since I didn't have to work last night...just to see how they worked on my body...). So anyway, I went out to sit with Paul while he was grilling the ribs and not 10 minutes later I was falling asleep in the chair. I don't remember coming inside and falling asleep on the sofa- but that's where I woke up when the food was ready so I must have come in at some point....I also vaguely remember making ranch potatoes to go with the ribs.
Just for the record- the ribs he made was AWESOME!!!!! I'm glad he didn't drown them in BBQ sauce- the rub was good- but I like the home-made ones we put together better. However, we just didn't have all the spices we needed to put one of them together and I didn't wanna buy more spices when we're trying desperately to use up a lot of our pantry supplies before we go on our trip. Maybe those spices are something we COULD buy more of tho since we seem to be enjoying the heck out of that smoker/grill we bought before all this other stuff came up.
I haven't talked about our upcoming trip much on here, but I'm really looking forward to it. More on that later tho. I don't wanna jinx anything!!!! And sometimes the less I talk, the better things turn out. I should take THAT advice more often!!! Hahahahahaha!!!
Anyway, as I said- I slept like a stone last night and feel so much better this morning. And that's SUCH a RELIEF!!!!!!!

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