Monday, May 17, 2010

Hopefully For The LAST Time!!!

(Apologies to the person this pic belongs to on the net- but it just fit the image of the NP I had today....only she wasn't trying to be funny on purpose!!!)

Okay, so today I had to go to my doctors office for an ear problem that's been going on for a couple months now. I've used every home and common sense remedy I can think of, beg, borrow or steal from family and friends, and the problem still won't go away.
So, after the past several days , my eye has started twitching.....I know that's a nervous tick, but with my ear problems I didn't wanna take any chances of it being related to my ear problem and the possibility that it was an infection that was spreading....I learned my lesson with that Kidney Infection a couple years ago.......
Well, I went in there- and of course they had to work me in- Mondays are a BIG day for my Doctors office, it seems.... so I went and sat til they had an opening and could check me out.

Well, Lucky Me- I got to see the Nurse Practitioner....... and let me just say that had I not been going so damn absolutely insane with itchy and burning in my INNER EAR- I would have walked out halfway thru the visit. OMG- The woman couldn't put three sentences together in a row without having to hem and haw...... she kept asking me questions she had already asked..... she couldn't type in the computer and talk.......... she was just so damn spacey I was almost scared to fill the prescriptions she gave me because she wasn't sure about ANYTHING. I got better (or at least more positive and confident) advice from my friends and family who had already given me their remedies!!!!
I have NEVER, in my entire LIFE come away from a doctors visit with a more insecure feeling about a doctors diagnosis.

On the upside, hopefully that will be the LAST visit I ever have to make to that office before our trip. And if by some strange accident I DO have to go back there- I'm damn sure requesting Dr. Repik or Dr. Welborn. I will NEVER EVER see that NP again!!!

Jeebus Crisp, that was one scary event!

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