Thursday, May 06, 2010

I Don't Need That- Especially From My Own AVATAR!!!!

Know what's really annoying?
An avatar that mocks you....sarcastically.
So I have my little Nike+ Avatar all dressed in black running pants and a red sports bra, a black hat and black and white running shoes. Her eyes are blue and she's wearing glasses/shades like me, and her hair is blond- like mine and it's pulled back in a pony-tail - like mine is when I go on my walks. Only difference is that I'm usually in a uniform when I do my walking and she's able to dress in comfortable clothes. (A fact I'm seriously jealous about...sad isn't it?)
Well, the little avatar is animated and your level of activity in real life while you're tracking with the iPod chip decides what level of activity your avatar shows on the site.

Well, due to some things we had happen and things we needed to take care of this past week- I either haven't been able to walk much and what little activity I HAVE been doing isn't recording on the site. (Something I have GOT to fix).

And my lil' Nike Mini-Me is Mocking me. I went on there to see if I could figure out why it wasn't recording my activity info and there she was...sitting on her butt playing a video game on the curbside. Two minutes later I looked- and she was standing there , nonchalantly playing with a paddle ball. Five minutes later, she's yawning and stretching, seeming to look off in the distant sky for....Oh I don't know....maybe a BUTTERFLY?????

I gotta get that activity level back up. I mean I gotta figure out HOW to fit that little chip in my WORK shoe and it actually WORK and RECORD my stuff.
Tried one of the "quick fixes" for it I found on the internet- securing it in my shoelaces. Out of the average 6-9 miles a night I recorded last month at work.....same thing I do every night at work.......last night in the laces- it recorded it as .67 miles. Not 67 miles....POINT 67 of a mile.
And that just SUX!!!!!!

I get NO respect I tell you.

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Evan 08 said...

That's just FUNNY