Monday, May 31, 2010

Walk On The Wild Side

Every once in a while- on a really good day- everything falls into place and I find myself wanting to take a walk on the wild side of my twenties again.

Yeah, today I'm like uber responsible and I have a steady job and don't drink(much) or smoke(much) or stay out late(okay, well that one I do- do, but I'm at work nights so...) or any of that twenty something stuff(not the FUN stuff anyway)......but there are days now (like tonight) when I wanna just go out and buy a bottle(or three) and a carton of cigarettes, invite a bunch of my friends over, turn the music up REALLY loud and just let my hair down and dance my ass off.

Sue me.

But, as usual, I just stick my iPod on my head and dance around my living room- or kitchen.
Damn, it sux being a responsible grown-up sometimes.

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