Thursday, May 13, 2010

Huh????? Whaaaaaaa????? Day-uuuuuuuuum!!!!

Well, it seems I have had a minor miracle when it comes to weight loss.

I got the scale out this morning and weighed............According to our new digital scale- I weigh 101.8 lbs.
That's over a hundred and 120 pounds lost in a little under a month!!


I tell ya- that extra walking and taking the stairs at work must REALLY WORK FAST!!!!

I can't say much for the inches tho....I can see some inches gone- but seems to me 120 pounds of fat should have taken up MUCH more space than seems to have gone missing from my body.

Disappointing. Just a bit.


Scratch the hostile fay said...

a couple of thoughts, maybe true, maybe not....

1--could it be that your old scale was lying to you? Maybe you didn't weigh as much as it said you did..mean old scale!

2--some of the "fat" has been transformed into muscles from the extra use of your legs--that is why you don't look so different. But having muscles burns a lot of energy (which is why body builders drink whey shakes), so you may lose some more if you keep up the walking.

Congradulations! 101 lbs already!


Sunny said...

LOL- when I said new digital scale- I mean NEW, and we just bought it a couple/three months ago!!'s the only scale we ever owned. Thanks for the Congrats on the weight loss... but believe me- I am nowhere NEAR 101.pounds....Two weeks ago I weighed and I was 223 pounds- and that was my true weight.(I weigh at work against them).
However, So far I've actually lost a grand total of 44 far!!
Yay Me!!!!!!