Monday, May 24, 2010


Why do people still "lurk"?

It's seriously CREEPY.

Just post a comment anonymously, for goodness sake. Why are you hiding?

In my opinion, Lurkers are just "Silent" Stalkers.


Scratch the hostile fay said...

You know, I always kinda wanted a stalker. I don't think it'd work too well for the stalker though--the point of stalking someone IRL I guess is so they'll fear you... Me, I'm not afraid of much. Except REALLY big dogs. I don't like them much.

Anyway, take it as a compliment. They don't want to interrupt you while you're typing... all those pesky followers get DISTRACTING.


Scratch (and YOUR word for today is: GATEA...which is an Italian Gate. as in "I want-a you to-a close-a the gate-a." No, not REALLY....)

Sunny said...

Oh hahahahahahaha!! Very Funny. :-)

britishsaffy said...

I'm a lurker

Sunny said...

Oh you are NOT a lurker, Saffy!!!!
Like me- you couldn't be quiet long enough to be a dad-gum Lurker.