Saturday, August 15, 2015

Funny Story......

Sitting here re-reading some of my old posts and I ran across this one from 2010..... I'm sitting here in front my 3D TV ironic.... See? Dreams really DO come true- and it cost a LOT less than the $9,000 they were back then.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Bits & Bobs........

This week has been a surprising one in many different ways.
I've learned that being a sweet southern girl isn't always the thing to do, I've learned to hold my tongue in check, that your family can still surprise you -even tho you think you know them like the back of your hand -and that your friends aren't always who you think they are.
That being said- I decided to do a bit of Spring Cleaning again since I have taken a bit of time off from the rat-race. It's the first REAL time off I've had in 6 years, since our honeymoon, that hasn't involved a death in the family or a hospital stay for me. Strange But True.
I've been going thru quite a bit of the household stores and such, cleaning, clearing, and de-cluttering, trying to put some order in the confines of my home.
I'm going thru pictures, looking back on times past and remembering the sweet times we had and the sweet memories of days gone by.
My BFF Rhonni is in the hospital again- for the second time this week- and I decided to bring- and give her the Yearbooks from our Junior High & High School years. Hers have gotten misplaced in past years and I thought she would like to have them. I only kept the signature pages that were in them since those were wrote particularly to me. I hope she enjoys them as much as I have over the years.
I realized that even tho I gave away/ donated so many of my book collection last month- I STILL have a LOAD more I could dispose of. I have maybe a dozen or so I really want to keep for later use when Paul and I finally decide to take the leap and buy our own home.
I walked with Paul today- a bit over two miles. Then we came in, ate breakfast, and then went to the hospital to visit Rhonni for a little while. Then on the way home- we decided to ride by the theater and see what was playing. There was a really cool 3-D movie(Clash of The Titans 3-D) playing, so we used the gift cards our DIL, Kathy, had given us for Christmas to see it. It was AWESOME!!!! it was the first 3-D movie I've ever seen on the big screen. I'm secretly(or maybe NOT so Secretly Now) hoping they come out with 3-D TV soon!!!!
It's been quite the week for sure.
And I'm sure there's more to follow.........Such is the misadventures of my crazy upside down life.

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Paulius said...
They have come out with 3D TV

They cost around $9000 though, which is kinda ridiculous considering they use EXACTLY the same shutter glasses technology you can get for your PC for about sixty bucks now.

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