Thursday, August 27, 2015

Random Acts Of Kindness........

“Claying It Forward”

Several of my lovely friends and family member’s have already begun “Claying It Forward” and also shared the post causing a ripple effect! I want to thank each and every one of you that has participated and as surely as I sit here, the people you have helped have been as touched as I am by your generosity and will remember their Angel on Earth for a very long time. 
Many that are participating have expressed the desire to remain anonymous. So, in keeping with the spirit of it all and to honour those wishes, I’m using Initials in all unless the desire to remain anonymous was declared, in which they will be known as Anon. Again, I love you all and thank you for your generosity and care and I’m sure Clay is looking down from heaven smiling and sending his love as well.
*T.C. is helping a friend buy her daughter a walker she needs.
*E.&C.M. bought gifts for Service Personnel overseas to be sent in care packages and additional items for Country Santa for children in need for the holidays
*Anon bought school supplies for a family with several school children.
*K.B. is feeding and watering the stray animals in the neighbourhood.
*Anon bought meds for the elderly person in line in front of him at the pharmacy.
*Anon is helping a young person in need.
*C.C. went out to breakfast after work and paid for an elderly ladies breakfast that came in and was dining alone.
*F.H. & S.S. always buy a homeless person they see food and drink.

*F.H. and his co-worker A. helped an elderly gentleman in a big truck push his vehicle out of the busy road when it broke down.
*L.B. paid for three young girls sweets when they came up short at the register.
*Anon bought a school uniform for the 3 school age children of a family.
*J.J. paid for two police officers meals.
*T.C. put flowers on the grave next to her mom’s gravesite. She said she had never seen flowers on it in all the years she had been going.
* Anon brought a big box of chocolates to the lady in the room next door to his mom at the retirement home. He also brought a chocolate cake to the nurses station. Clayton loved chocolate.
* Anon cut a truckload of firewood and delivered it to his elderly neighbours so they have wood cured for a nice fire in their fireplace this year in cool weather time.
*K.G. brought 5 big bags of dog and cat food to the local Humane Society.
*Anon paid for the elderly couples medications at the drug store when he heard the woman ask for a half script because it was too expensive.
*A.D. continues to contribute regularly to a house in Clay's memory. She has done for over a year- and will continue to do so until the house is paid off.

I’m sure there are more people out there who haven’t told me about what they did- and prob never will.
All the acts of kindness shown this week, it causes a ripple effect- one person shows unexpected kindness to another- and then that person remembers it and somewhere down the line in the future does the same thing when THEY are in a position to help someone out. Then those people remember and do a good deed for someone later on……and on and on and on……

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart….It makes my heart sing and I’m sure Clayton is smiling down from Heaven, too.

Bless you all. Each and every one. xoxoxoxxoxo

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Lavada said...

I did my "Claying It Forward" RAoK today. An elderly gentleman and his wife were admiring a beautiful bunch of Patriotic red white and blue flowers in Tesco...they were £5 a bunch and she said, "They are beautiful but we'll have to wait until our pensions go in the bank on the 5th."
I walked over handed them a tenner and said "Buy the beautiful flowers."and left to finish my shopping.

Twenty minutes later the woman walked up to me as I was on my way to the checkout and she stopped me and asked why I had done that.
I told her about Clay's accident and how generous and giving he was and I wanted to do the same in his memory.
She hugged me and said she was sorry about my son and that they had bought two bunches of the flowers. One for themselves...and one for the elderly lady next door to them who had no family.

The Ripples grow ever wider...... ♡♡♡