Saturday, August 22, 2015

Paying It Forward.......

I've thought a lot about how to honour my youngest son, Clay's , memory this year.

This will be his 8th Angelversary.  
And I've decided to ask a favour of all my friends and loved ones.
Clay was always such a kind and generous soul...he always stopped and helped people broken down on the side of the road, or bought a homeless person a meal, or helped the elderly load their groceries into their car.( Actually, all my children do these type things but this is in memory of Clay for now...they understand and support me fully)
So for the days from now until his Angelversary on Wednesday the 26th of August, I want to ask that we all do at least one random act of kindness in his memory.
Pay for a persons drink or meal..visit an elderly someone with something they are struggling with -physically or mentally...
Or just tell someone how much you appreciate everything someone does..for the community...or the city...or the country.
Feed a stray animal...or drop a bag of food by the local animal shelter - he loved animals.
Just do a good deed in his memory. I'm going to call it "Claying It Forward".
And Thank y'all.


Michael Dodd said...

Thanks for the lovely suggestion. I will try to Clay it forward and think of him and of you each time.

Sunny said...

Oh Thank you Michael!!! And Thank you for the lovely posts you have been putting up this month..... It's helped immensely with putting my mind calmer. x

Michael Dodd said...

Thinking of you and Clay today. Love and peace to you.

Lavada said...

TY Michael. It's hitting us especially hard this year.