Sunday, August 30, 2015

On The Lighter Side......Autumnal Celebrations!!!!!

Only 31 Days til Autumn!!!!

My favorite SEASON of the year!!!!

I love the cool crisp days.....Not too warm, not too cool......just perfect!!!

This year- Paul and I have decided to host a Halloween Dinner Party for Six. Two of his workmates and their partners have been invited along. I'm working on the invites now.

I don't do a lot of decorating for Autumn....RARELY for Halloween specifically, so I have a bit of prep to do for this one. Since Storage space is limited in our flat, I'm going to have to fit almost everything into ONE big plastic bin for Autumn Decorating. So I've decided to do smaller vignettes for the rooms.

The Kitchen will sport a few of these. Made with old containers, glue, and some chalk or matte paint, I'll line them on the kitchen windowsill and stick a couple of bare branches painted black into my windowsill herb garden. That's about as much as my kitchen will allow for decorating.

The Bathroom will be veryyyyyy simple......

Ive been needing to buy a new Bathmat- so I will buy one in Black(our towels are already black, sand and Aqua) and along with a few snips of black electrical tape- this will be easy peasy!!
I have a pair of old vinyl gloves from a hair Dye Kit that might be fun to stuff with a bit of tissue to make it all look a bit more 3D...

The Living room I'm going to add a few touches here and there...maybe a single vignette using these ideas together....

The entrance hall will have a combination of these three ideas.....

And the table will have these elements.....

I don't much care for the wheat sheaf...I will use bare branches - either natural or painted black instead. I don't like centerpieces that block views and conversations. We will be using proper metal flatware for it Plastic forks for US!

The Menu....I know there's going to be a Caramel & Apple Cinnamon Spice Cake with Maple Glaze for Dessert.

 I'm still pondering the Main course and the Horse Doovers. (Sorry- I couldn't resist using that mis-pronunciation of it!!!)
Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
The theme is Defo NOT a happy spooky child's version of Halloween...but a more grown up- tasteful version. (if there IS such a thing?) I'm thinking more Goth than anything - altho we ARE going to dress in different Costumes. I have an outfit in mind for mine- but I don't want to ruin the surprise!!!

So......suggestions for Main Course and Horse Doovers, please....

And what Autumnal Celebrations do Y'ALL have planned????

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Michael Dodd said...

Looks like fun!